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Dallas Fire & Rescue


Tell me why you like cops and firefighters.

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Station 58 is plagued with a raft of fires. After the third one the arson investigator cranks into high gear, but while he finds evidence the fires were deliberately set, they don’t have an arsonist’s signature. In fact, they look like an amateur at work, which makes identifying him or her nearly impossible.

Station 58 paramedic Shelly Gregory is dealing with her own fire of a different kind. Still burned by a disastrous relationship, she has sworn off men for good…until sexy cop Patrick Hayes comes into her life. Despite her determination to resist him, she finds herself drawn to him more and more. Soon their relationship is hotter than the fires she is called out to.

As things reach an incendiary point with the two of them, so does the incidence of fires in their area. Will they find the arsonist before he burns down the entire neighborhood? And will Shelly be able to trust enough to give her heart again?


They could see the smoke even before they turned the corner, hard on the heels of Station 58’s big engine and the ladder truck. It billowed up in big black clouds that spread over the rooftops of the buildings lining the street. This was the third major fire in a week, an unusual number, and they had all been on her shifts. If she didn’t know better she’d think someone had a crush on one of the firefighters and wanted to see him at work.desiree-holt-fb-ad-dallas-fire-and-rescue

Kristi knew it was a biggie when the callout had been for both the engine and ladder truck. She and Jared were right behind the mammoth machines, looking for the best place to position their ambulance where supplies would be easy to get but they wouldn’t be in the way of any apparatus.

The police were already here, directing traffic and keeping onlookers from getting in the way. And lordy, there was a huge mob of them. Kristi often wondered what it was that drew people to watch fires as if it was some kind of entertainment. Didn’t they know people died? And when they were asked to move, they were often surly and belligerent.

incendiaryOne of the uniforms waved to her and she was glad to see it was Patrick Hayes. Pointing to the ambo, he motioned her forward and pointed to a place in front of the trucks. As she pulled up close to him she rolled down the window.

“Thanks,” she told him.

“No problem. Figured that was the best place for you guys. Easy access for people who need you but still out of the way.”

“You’re a peach.”

He grinned at her. “You can buy me a drink later to thank me.”

Stupid how in the middle of a disaster his grin and his words could make her pulse trip hammer. Even more stupid how in the past couple of weeks every time they’d ended up together at McNally’s she’d spent far too much time wondering how his lips would feel on hers or what those long fingers could do to her body. It was getting harder and harder to stick to her self-imposed dating diet.

Before she could say anything else he stepped away and was shouting at some of the crowd trying to surge past the trucks.

“Well, okay.” Jared’s voice held a trace of amusement.

“Don’t get any ideas, Franklin.” She hopped out of the vehicle and went to the rear to open the doors.

“I don’t think I’m the one with ideas,” he teased.