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Grey Holden was on a mission to find the source of illegal arms. The death of his best friend on a compromised mission left him filled with anger and dedicated to bringing down whoever was responsible. Athena Madero had her own mission, to take down a major politician who had been preying on young girls for a long time. She hated him enough to quit her job as a cop and go on her own hunt for evidence. When she and Grey crossed paths, chemistry sparked and suddenly, unexpectedly, shockingly, there was a lot more between them than searching for evidence and pinning down a traitor. In a split second, they were riding the raw edge of danger.


Finally reaching his target, he used an electromagnetic device to disable the alarm system, the cameras, and the sensors. He was sure Bostic was convinced he’d bought the very best in electronic protection, but there was a way around anything. Grey was an expert in finding whatever those were. He skirted the back door, sure it would have a chain in addition to other locks. The den had a sliding glass door leading out to a patio. He took his phone from his pocket and scrolled through his files until he pulled up the floor plan of the house. When he’d studied the blueprints at the county building, he’d not only photographed them but also memorized them. Now he was just double checking to make sure he knew where to go.

This looked like the best point of entry, although the senator had to be pretty dumb—or too confident of his security system—not to use a room closed on all sides. He slid the door open noiselessly and eased himself just as quietly inside.DH_RawEdgeofDanger_web-ready_med

The house was dark, so he clicked on a tiny penlight, cupping his hand around it just in case, and began looking around the room. This would be the most logical place Bostic would keep records of his illegal dealings. People like him always kept records, thinking to use them for blackmail if necessary.

Sure enough, he found it in a far corner of the room, behind a sliding panel with a concealed switch. But nothing hid from him. Holding the penlight between his teeth, he took out his tools and began to decipher the combination to the safe. He just about had it open when a whisper of sound alerted him to the opening of the slider again. Someone else in the den.


Who else had taken advantage of tonight to break into this house? And why? Was someone else after the same information? It wasn’t impossible, but what an unlucky coincidence that whoever it was should pick the same night he did to look for it.

In all of the quiet investigating he’d done, he hadn’t heard of anyone else after the politician, but then, of course, if they were any good, he wouldn’t have. Still, it seemed an unlikely coincidence that whoever this was would have chosen this exact night to do some scouting. How had they gotten into the house? Had they seen him, caught him disabling the security? They’d have to have some pretty sophisticated equipment themselves or be pretty damn sharp.

He wedged himself into a corner of the den to the side of the sliding glass door and waited for whoever it was to slip into the room.