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Texas Justice – Cynthia D’Alba

Cowboy’s Best Shot – Lexi Post

Badge and a Saddle – Randi Alexander

Texas Lone Star – Sable Hunter

Laying Down the Law – Becky McGraw

Cowboy Lawe – Donna Michaels

Protect and Serve – Sabrina York

Justice Burning – Elle James

Cain’s Law – Delilah Devlin

Lazarus – Beth Williamson

Blind Sided – Lindsay McKenna

Justice for Laine – Susan Stoker

Cowboy Justice






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Protect and Serve by Sabrina YorkProtect and Serve

The last thing officer Charlie Dunham expects when he returns to his hometown is to tangle with his high school crush, Claire Silver, right off the bat. He’d planned to ignore her entirely—the way she’d always ignored him. But when a mysterious threat puts her in danger, he must step in and save her. It doesn’t take long for him to realize that he’s been lying to himself about his feelings for Claire. He wants her…no matter the cost.


Un-fricking-believable. Claire Silver, in his arms, letting him kiss her.

And what a magnificent kiss it was. He caught her by surprise, so her lips were parted. When he pressed his mouth against hers, she sighed, or something like it, and her essence filled his being.

Damn, she tasted good.

He yanked her closer, tipped his head and deepened the kiss. Loved that she responded. Slowly, tentatively at first, but then with increasing passion. She looped her arms around his shoulders and cupped his nape with her palm. Stroked him with her thumb as he delved deeper.

She was a tiny thing, but the full package. Her body was soft and fit him in all the right places.

And yeah. All the times he’d fantasized about kissing her…not one of them even came close to the reality.

His passion rose and he couldn’t help pressing against her belly. She made a sound like a moan and reciprocated, arching into him and curling her fingers against his skin.

The parted by mutual consent—though an ache rose as he lost the connection—and he sighed.

She stared up at him, her eyes damp, lips parted. And yeah, they were damp too. Her tongue swept out and he nearly lost it, right then and there.

“When did you get so tall?” she asked in a contemplative tone, one almost devoid of prickles.

“When did you get so short?” he asked. “You’re practically a runt.”

She hit him with her fist, but only in jest. He barely felt it. “I’m not a runt.”

“You’re short. I have to bend down to kiss you.”

“You could always kiss someone else,” she said in a defiant tone.

“You could stand on a box.”

“I’m not standing on a box.”

He tsked at her. “You’re being unreasonable.”

“Am I?” she said on a laugh. It was hard to maintain his dour demeanor. They turned and strolled over to Main Street, as though neither was ready for this interaction to end.

“Yes. Lots of women throughout history have stood on a box for their men.”

“Name one.”

“Queen Victoria.”

“I don’t believe that for a minute.”

“It’s true. Google it.”

“I’m not going to Google it. I have better things to do than worry about how Queen Victoria climbed Prince Albert.”

“There are more.”

“Oh dear.” She gusted a sigh. “Do tell.”

“Cleopatra. Joan of Arc. Mother Teresa.”

“Balderdash. Mother Teresa never kissed a man.”

“How do you know?”

“She was a nun.”

He waggled his brows. “She wasn’t always a nun.”

“This conversation is pointless.”

“It is not. It is very important that we work this out. I would like to kiss you again, at some point.” Like now.

“Wouldn’t you rather kiss Cleopatra? She was very beautiful and passionate and, from what I understand, was willing to stand on a box.”

“Ah, but you’re forgetting the asps. I try to avoid women who keep vipers as pets.”

“Well, yes, I suppose that is a good idea.” He took her hand as they wandered toward the park, and she let him. In fact, she interlaced their fingers, which he found encouraging indeed. The night air was sweet and cool and riffled gently through her hair. Her beauty was only enhanced by the glow of the moon. “If you could kiss any of them, which would you choose?” she asked after a moment.

“Hmm.” He pretended to ponder this conundrum. “I can’t think of any other short woman I would rather kiss than you.”

She stopped and looked up at him, torn between outrage and humor. “I’m not short.”

They were next to the merry-go-round—which was providential—so he lifted her up on it. Finally they were face-to-face. “That’s better.”

“What’s better?” she said, but her voice had softened and she leaned into him in a delicious way. He rocked the merry-go-round, just a bit, just enough to make her clutch him in her surprise.

“And better still.”

“Good sir, I do think you intend to debauch me.”

Debauch her? Hmm. Not a bad idea. “I was planning to kiss you, but hey, who am I to deny a lady?”

She stilled as their gazes clashed. Her smile faded. In its place was something even more lovely. Desire. He pulled her closer and breathed in her scent.

“Did you know I had a crush on you when we were kids?” He wasn’t sure why he admitted it. He’d sworn he never would.

“You did?” Her eyes widened.

“Couldn’t you tell?”

“No. You were so mean to me.”

“Only because I wanted your attention.”

She scudded her palm over his short hair. It felt divine. “Do you want my attention now?”

“Oh, absolutely.”

“Are you going to be mean?”


“Well, then,” she said, but she didn’t finish the sentence, unless she meant to express herself in a more tactile fashion. She tipped her head to the side and pressed her mouth to his. It was tender and soft and clinging and it incited him to respond. He nudged her lips apart with his tongue and tasted her. She groaned and her fingers curled; she raked her nails over his scalp.

And damn, it was good. A shiver danced up his spine.

Unfortunately, bracing on the merry-go-round was a bad strategy, because it kept moving, so he whipped her up into his arms and sat, cradling her on his lap. He leaned her against one of the poles and used that for leverage in his kiss.

He tasted her, reveled in her and she reciprocated. He had no idea how long they kissed, explored, exulted in each other, but it wasn’t nearly long enough. Forever would be good, he supposed. Not asking much.

This was too wonderful to even think of stopping. Protect and Serve is a Stripped Down Cowboy Prequel Novella!

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