Tate Campbell liked his life. Running his bar kept him busy and paid his bills, and a relationship with anyone wasn’t on the horizon. He sure wasn’t expecting a Valentine surprise, especially one who looked like a fallen angel—with a broken-down car.
Dace Robinson’s career as an ER doctor left little time for relationships. Valentine’s Day was just another day on the calendar, albeit one filled with annoying decorations and sad reminders she had no one special in her life. Until the night car trouble compelled her to seek help in a biker bar, and the handsome owner claimed Dace as his woman—she had no idea how sweet Valentine’s Day could be.

“You’re a guy. You have to say us getting intimate wouldn’t be stupid, or you lose your membership card in the man club.”
Pushing up against him was like being pressed against a wall; a really sexy wall with a seriously buff body and a mouth made for slow, sensuous kissing. He was implacable, immovable, and irritating—not to mention protective. And hot. Completely and utterly hot.
“My membership card in the man club?” Gently he traced her lips with his index finger. “Hate to disappoint you, but I wouldn’t belong to any club that would have me as a member.”
“Quoting Groucho Marx isn’t furthering your cause.”
“And here I thought humor was an aphrodisiac.” He chuckled. “Dace, you kiss like an angel, and I’ve already told you I want to see you again. You’ve got my number, so the ball’s in your court.” He nudged his hardness against her hip, as he nodded at her erect nipples straining through her scrubs. “There’s attraction on both sides here, unless I need my eyes checked.”
He traced a finger across her collarbone, and down the neck of her scrubs into her cleavage, making her shudder. “Let go, babe. Just for a few minutes.”
She gaped at him, her mouth open. Thoughts whirled through her head, arousal and sheer lust fogging her brain.
To let go…just for a few minutes…
No patients, no nurses, no ringing cell phones, no paperwork, no intercom pages…
She couldn’t help it; she nodded.

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