Andi’s new to town and looking for a fresh start in the dating department. She’s attracted to the guy she sees each morning, but begins flirting via text with Garrett, a friend of her new co-workers. Despite many attempts and determination, she misses opportunities to introduce herself to Cute Coffee Shop Guy or actually meet Garrett in person. With Valentine’s Day approaching she succumbs to the sugar rush of Candy Hearts and when ‘Secret Admirer’ continues to appear in the messages, she takes it as a sign to decide which guy is her real Secret Admirer.

I pulled my sporty hybrid into a spot
right in front of the aptly named Fresh Start Café. The
irony did not escape me. A loud overhead door chime
announced my entrance. Though still not quite perky, I
gave a weak smile to the few people who instinctively
turned. I ordered a large cup to go and walked past the
glass case of pastries toward the counter along the far
wall offering the requisite sugars, creamers, stirrers, and
lids. I only needed a lid, but that proved to be more
challenging than I could’ve imagined. I struggled to
secure it while avoiding a spill, but I couldn’t produce a
“They are a bit tricky, but the upside is once they’re
on, they’re on for good.”
Upon hearing a sexy, yet friendly, male voice, I
looked up and blushed upon discovering the face
matched the voice. He had medium length, messy,
brown hair and soft blue eyes framed by amazing
eyelashes. I caught myself staring and quickly looked
away and resumed my mission with a renewed effort.
“Yes, snug I guess. You’re right.” Thankfully the
lid made a satisfying pop at that moment indicating my
victory in the lid battle. I quickly straightened, my hands
shaking in time with my racing heart. I wasn’t expecting
to meet a cute guy first thing in the morning. The
combination of surprise and attraction woke me better
than any cup of French Roast could.

About the Author:
As the mother of three girls, Ally finds creating
drama for her characters an escape from the real drama
in her own home. Originally from Boston, she now lives
with her husband and family outside Chicago and writes
when not driving to practices and games.