Just released! Book #2, HOT MOON RISING! An erotic journey for just 99 cents.


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In Line of Sight, Charlie Aquino had trouble believing his partner, Jesse Farrell, fell in love with a shapeshifter. Now he’s drawn to one himself, Liane Cosa, a woman who makes his blood boil, his body hard, and erotic images scream in his brain. One hot night, beneath a full moon, they finally come together, indulging themselves in an orgy of unbridled lust where anything goes. But what will happen when the moon finally sets and daylight creeps up on them?


And then he saw her, right at the edge of her yard, a magnificent silver wolf gleaming in the bright, full moonlight. And alone.

She’d never let him get close to her when she was in her wolf form, no matter how many times he’d hinted at it. If she spotted his car cruising by, she raced into the trees behind the cottages. No matter how long he waited, she wouldn’t emerge. Yet here she was tonight, knowing full well he was sitting there hoping to catch a glimpse of her. And she hadn’t moved. Hadn’t cut and run.

Very quietly he opened the car door, closing it behind him and walking toward her with slow, careful steps.

Please don’t run. Please, please, stay where you are.

As if she heard his silent prayer, she remained motionless, watching him. As he drew closer he could see the moon reflected in her warm amber eyes, and he could have sworn she was smiling at him.

He stopped about two feet away, not sure what to do next. Forcing himself to stay completely still, he breathed slowly even as his heartbeat ratcheted up. The next move was up to her.

Finally, when the tension was thick enough to cut, she ambled slowly toward him, stopping directly in front of him and nudging his hand with her head. He slid his fingers through the, magnificent silver coat that felt as soft as the finest silk. Electric thrills speared the length of his arm and shot through his body,

She nudged at him again, then lowered her head and pressed her nose to his crotch. Her long, pink tongue snaked out and licked the length of his fly. Sweat broke out on his body as his cock leaped to life in response.

He threaded both hands through her coat, holding her head, lifting it slightly so he could lock his gaze with hers.

“I want you,” he said hoarsely. “You have no idea how badly I want to make love to you, Liane. Right now.”

She shook her head and slipped from his grasp, backing up two steps.

“No.” He reached out a hand. “Don’t run away from me. I know who and what you are and it’s fine with me. Look at Jesse and Alexa. They made it work.”

Jesse and Alexa? Was his mind telling him he wanted the same kind of relationship with Liane? Holy shit! Was this what he’d been building up to? Could she handle that? Could he?

“Stop,” he commanded, when she took another step backwards. “Please. You’ll never know what we could have if you don’t give it a chance.”