Timeless Passion is a time travel erotic romance set around a Scottish New Year’s demonstration, Hogmanay, being done at Barkersville Pioneer Village. Tasha Banner is the director of the museum and did the demonstration that brought Dougal MacBride to the future.


Read her interview by author Kyden Clermont

Tasha, what did you think the first time you saw Dougal MacBride?

The first thought in my head was what a hunk. He had shaggy, dark brown hair eyes that gleamed with life and a muscular body. Then he started to talk and I loved his brogue. I honestly thought he was a reinactor who had dressed up for the demonstration. He really looked the part and sounded the part. Little did I know he was authentic to the time period we were demonstrating and I had ruined his life.

What was your second thought?

That he was crazy. I mean really, he believed the log cabin was his home and ordered us out so he could eat his supper. Not the thoughts of a rational man.

Did you feel it was love at first sight?TimelessPassion_w9565_300

Certainly not, but he was very attractive. There was a ruggedness about him that was appealing.

Earlier you said you had ruined his life. What do you mean?

Mac and I did a Hogmanay demonstration and we all wished on the faery berries for a miracle to save the pioneer village and Dougal walked into the log cabin.

What do you like most about Dougal?

He is a genuine person. Once I got to know him, he was a truly caring person. He has a great work ethic, and he believes in putting his all into the job. He’s funny and charming. What’s not to like?

How would he describe you?

At first a very bossy woman, then he realized that I was only doing my job. It’s funny that we are both workaholics, but that is one reason we get along.

What made you choose being a pioneer village director?

It chose me. I love history and loved being able to preserve it. My family settle on the farm I live on back in 1824 and it is my heritage that I’m teaching every day at the working museum.

What is your biggest fear, Tasha?

Losing the village. It take a lot of money to keep the museum open. The building have to be maintained, the taxes on the grounds are high and I can’t tell you how many developers what to buy us out and put in housing development. It’s a struggle every day to keep the village open. If I fail we’ve all lose because our history will be lost.

What is the best piece of advice you ever received?

Live every day as if it was your last and do your best.

Thanks so much, Tasha, for spending time with us. Now it’s time to chat with Kayden.

What event in your private life were you able to bring to this story and how do you feel it impacted the novel?

I’m a history buff so I actually went to a local pioneer village that was doing a demonstration of the Christmas season. When I walked into a log cabin they were doing a Hogmanay demo and I just felt I was living the experience. I hope readers feel the same way when they read Timeless Passion.

What projects are you working on now?

I have another book coming out January 13, titled Red Hot. It’s part of the candy hearts series and I’m really excited about it. I have another book waiting for their approval and of course I’m writing another. This time it’s a ghost story and I’m excited about that too.

Thanks for inviting us to be here with you today.

Blurb: Museum director Tasha Banner needs a miracle. Without a great deal of luck and even more money, the pioneer museum will close. But when they demonstrate Hogmanay, a Scottish New Year’s tradition, a tall, dark, and yummy stranger walks through the door. Have the faeries sent her a miracle wrapped around the man of her dreams or will altering time bring disaster to them all?

Blacksmith Dougal MacBride walks into his home after a long day and finds strangers celebrating Hogmanay when it’s just days before Christmas. Confused beyond belief and incredibly aroused by the curvaceous bundle in front of his hearth, he is torn between the need to return to his time or remain in the present with the woman who may be his soul mate.

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