A story from Carly Phillips’ Dare To Love Kindle World

Sarah York celebrated passing the bar with a New Orleans weekend with her friend. But then everyone couple up buy her and she was left getting cozy with her drink. Until a mouthwatering god name Beau Perini, hotshot football player, swept her off her feet and into a night of unbelievable ecstasy. When she dell asleep she was already trying to figure out how they’d get together again.

Except when she woke up, Beau had done a disappearing act. And not even a thank you note, the rat.

Fast forward six years. Sarah is the newly minted In House Counsel for the Miami Thunder football tea and Beau is their golden new fret agent. Imagine her shock when she sees him at the press conference to introduce him to the Miami media.

Beau has never stopped thinking about Sarah and regretting his hasty exit. Through a bad marriage and divorce, full custody of his three year old son and a fat new contract with the Thunder he’s never stopped thinking of her. Now he thinks Fate has given them another chance and he plans to make the most of it.

Too bad Sarah, who has trust issues, might not see it his way. But then the chemistry between them explodes again and all bets are off.


For the next couple of hours she buried herself in the stack of contracts she was reviewing. Her admin, Jenny, brought her lunch from the facility dining room. She ate with one hand while she made notes with the other. She paid no attention to the time until Jenny came in to remind her of the press conference.

“I’m going to peek if I can,” she grinned. “I hear he’s a real hunk.”


Sarah couldn’t help wondering who it was. There had been a lot of very high profile players available as free agents this year. By this time she figured she’d just find out when she walked into the room where it was being held.

“Meeting room on the second floor,” Jenny told her. “Have fun.”

Fun. Right. Another overgrown jock totally full of himself. She loved the game but she lumped all the players in the same category as Beau Perini. They were great on the field and lousy on the relationship stage. Sure, a lot of them were married, some of them even happily. But to her those were the exceptions.

She smiled and nodded as she joined the flow of people heading to the press conference.

“Glad you could join us for this, Sarah.”

Rod Dematteo, Director of Football Operations, walked up beside her, shrugging into his sport jacket.

“Yes. Me, too. Do you know who it is?”

“Sure. It’s—Oh, here he comes now, with Ian.” He pointed. “Over there.”

Sarah looked—and froze. No, no, no. Life could not be playing such a cruel joke on her. Why oh why was this happening to her? It just wasn’t possible.

But apparently it was, because walking between Ian Dare and another man she had not met yet was the phantom of her erotic dreams, the man who haunted her fantasies, the one she cursed with steady regularity.

Beau Perini, in the too, too, too very real flesh.

He looked over and spotted her at the same moment and stopped in midstride, staring.

“Sarah?” He blinked as if unable to believe his eyes.

She certainly knew how he felt because she had the same feeling. For a long moment she couldn’t breathe and she was sure her heart had stopped beating. Oh, my god. This was the Thunder’s hot new star running back?

Yes, indeed. It certainly was. And just as gorgeous as ever. A little older, a little more muscular, and looking better than he had a right to. She had to stifle the urge to run back to her office, lock the door and hide. How on earth would she ever get through this? She felt hot then cold then hot again as the familiar feeling from six years ago smacked right back at her.

Ian looked from one to the other. “Do you two know each other?” he grinned. “Great. That’s great. Sarah is the new In House Counsel for the Miami Thunder.”

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