Second Chances Blurb – 
that happily-ever-afters only happen in fairy tales, Sophie Spencer spends an
amazing night with her Prince Charming. Being new to the lifestyle, she allows
her hidden fears to take over and does the unthinkable. She screams her
safe-word…and runs directly into danger. Will her moment of weakness cause her
world to be torn apart again? Or will she overcome her trust issues and fully
surrender to her Prince. 
Falling in love had been the furthest thing
from Kyle Zellar’s mind, but when Sophie Spencer fully submits to his dominant demands,
his only recourse is to claim her as his. Before he can claim her, he is forced
to let her go. 
Fighting his inner demons and past issues of
childhood abandonment, he knows he must sort out his own life before he can
move on with his future. 
But will it be too little too late? 

Warning: This book contains adult content
which may offend some readers; BDSM, spanking, punishment, wax play, piercing,
bondage, and exhibitionism. 

~Author’s note. This is the second book in The
Heart Series, and NOT a stand-alone. You may read them in any order you like,
of course, but I would recommend you read Bound By Her Master first.



Lee Justice writes emotional, erotic, romantic suspense that includes a BDSM
theme. She creates strong characters who seem real but are flawed in some ways;
some couples Happily Ever After will be a work in process. Some characters’
problems are just too steamy to fix in one book. 
and raised in Baltimore City by two wonderful, supportive, loving parents, as a
child Abigail made up vivid stories in her head. Until one day a friend told
her instead of keeping her stories locked in her head she needed to put them on
paper and that’s exactly what she did.
met her husband 29 years ago on a blind date (thanks Dan C.) while working a
part time job to put herself through college. She fell madly in love with her
Prince Charming and has been since the first day they met.
day, Abigail practices medicine in a busy Cardiologist practice. By evening she
switches her white coat for more relaxed comfortable clothing. She has two
wonderful adult sons and a very spoiled chocolate lab. In the wee hours of the
night, she writes BDSM romances. 
her spare time when not working or writing, Abigail enjoys reading, concocting
vegetarian dishes, exotic vacations, scuba diving, high adventure activities,
living in the lifestyle she writes about, and doing lots and lots of research
making sure her characters get it just right.
you’d like to become part of Abigail’s street team or become a beta reader for
future books, drop Abigail a message on FB @ abigailleejustice or 
her website @