The Sons of Dusty Walker: Rogue (Book 4) by  Sable Hunter


A loner by choice and a renegade by nature.

Rogue is living up to his name. He’s lived life on his own terms, doing everything from team-roping in college, Texas Hold ‘em champion to founding his own company, Lone Wolf Oil.

Everything he’s accomplished has been in spite of Dusty Walker, a man who sired four sons by four women – none of them his wife. Rogue might be following in his father’s footsteps, but he is nothing like his father.

And he never will be if he can help it.

When he flies to Kansas for the reading of Dusty’s will, three brothers and a quarter interest in a half-billion dollar business aren’t all he finds…Rogue feels like he’s been hit by a tornado after he walks into a room a room and finds a woman in his bed. Not just any woman, either…

The last time he saw Kit Ross, she was racing off in her truck leaving him naked and hard by the side of the road. Of course, he deserved it; he’d hurt her. To say she wasn’t happy to see him was an understatement. And when he wins her ranch with a good poker hand, the game is on.

It’s not just poker that’s being played. They can’t keep their hands off one another. Rogue doesn’t know if he has room in his life for family and love. He doesn’t know if he can be trusted with people’s hearts and happiness. What if he’s more like Dusty Walker than he ever knew?

The Sons of Dusty Walker. Four brothers – one tainted legacy and a wild, wild ride.

Excerpt: Rogue:Dusty Walker

Stepping back out into the sunshine, he pulled his hat down to shade his eyes. Making his way across the yard, he wondered where the poker game would be held. Probably in the building he’d just left. He smiled, seeing that the accommodations were small log cabins. Whoever had designed the place hit the nail on the head with rustic appeal. Coming to his door, he started to put the key in – and noticed it was unlocked, ajar a couple of inches. With a gentle shove, he pushed it open and stepped in to the generous sized suite. His eyes roved the room, taking in the big recliner, the heavy desk – but when he came to the focus of the room, he froze. “There’s somebody in my bed,” he mused under his breath.

Walking quietly toward the big four-poster, Rogue felt like one of the three bears. The only difference was the riot of curls lying on his pillow were sable brown locks instead of gold ones. A velvet bedspread was thrown back to the foot, the only cover over the curvy female body was a thin sheet. He could see every dip and curve and the outline of a very intriguing heart-shaped bottom.

Glancing down at his keycard, he noted the number 9, stepped backwards and verified that he indeed was in the right cabin. “Well, this beats a mint on my pillow any damn day.”

A sweet female sigh came from across the room and Rogue returned to it like a rope had been dropped around his shoulders – the tug was strong. Heaven was smiling on him, because when he drew near, Sleeping Beauty rolled over and it became apparent she was sleeping in the nude. A pair of scrumptious round breasts with rosy pink nipples were winking at him like cherries topping an ice cream sundae. A delicate creamy arm was thrown over his little bedmate’s face, but Rogue didn’t mind, there was plenty of other good stuff to see. With a cute little kick, she pushed the sheet farther down and now he was seeing a flat tummy and a narrow waist. If he didn’t do something fast he’d be treated to a centerfold peek at her feminine treasure.

Should he awaken the fair maiden with a kiss?

Probably not a good idea. Damn, sometimes he wished he wasn’t so gallant.

Turning his back, he crossed his arms with a smirk. All of a sudden, he was feeling better. The worry of Dusty and his brothers seemed faraway. Clearing his throat, Rogue announced, “Excuse me, I didn’t mean to barge in but the door was standing open. I do believe you’re in my bed.” His bit his lip and smiled when he heard a gasp, the snap of a sheet and bare feet padding on the floor, coming across the room toward him. Bowing his head, Rogue closed his eyes, counting under his breath, preparing himself for a blushing kissable vision voicing her abject apologies. Five, four, three, two…

Not what he got.

Wham! A pillow came crashing down on his very expensive beaver-skin cowboy hat. “What do you think you’re doing in my cabin, you pervert?” He held his hands up, defending himself from the crashing satin covered weapon she was wielding quite ably. “Give me your key!” she demanded with a hiss. He held the plastic card out like a peace offering, his eyes still tightly shut. When he heard his small attacker moving away, he carefully opened one eye and had to laugh at the sight. Long dark hair hung down in corkscrew curls to butt level and the sheet trailed behind her like the long train of a bridal gown. “Follow me!” Miss Priss marched out the door and across the yard, gesturing to another cabin. “This is #9! Mine is #6, the damn numeral spun upside down on the screw.”

Rogue followed the sexy husky-from-sleep voice. Why was he feeling an odd sense of déjà vu? “I’m certain I can’t be held accountable for malfunctioning hardware and like I said before, your door was standing open.” His argument sounded good to him. “My name is Rogue Walker and I’d like to apologize for waking you from your cat nap.”

A horrified gasp met his ears. “Rogue Walker?”

Rogue had never heard his name said with that same degree of distaste before – but when he finally got close enough to lay eyes on the face that went along with the incredible body he’d ravished with his eyes – he understood.

Standing before him in all of her glory was Kit Ross, the woman who’d been his partner in what had to have been the worst blind date in the history of mankind.

Both of them stared at one another, their own memories crashing down on them like an unwelcome downpour…