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Terci in Chains 



Terci’s success as a BDSM romance author is not mirrored in her relationships. Maybe what she wants is what she writes. And maybe Madame Eve can give her a night to find out if that’s true with the Domme of her dreams.

Author Mariana Martin, aka Mistress K, has received a 1Night Stand as a gift from her agent, but she fears a convention might not be the best place to play. She keeps her life as a Domme separate from her public career. What if her secret is exposed? But she can’t say no to Terci, even if Mariana can’t let the sexy blonde find out who she really is.


Excerpt:Terci in Chains

To my lovely companion for the evening,

I have one simple request…before I enter, don this blindfold and await my pleasure. And yours.

Mistress K

Terci read it again, aloud, but the words didn’t change. Mistress K, here, at the hotel. In Canada? Didn’t she live in the US somewhere? But she could live in Ottawa or Timbuktu for all the information she’d offered. The woman protected her privacy with vehemence, making it clear from their first conversation that if Terci pushed for personal information, she’d never speak with her again.

Terci had never been so reticent. She’d not only asked questions about the lifestyle, but, during some of their late-night, online chats, she’d shared her own fantasies in great detail. Arching her back, she recalled some of the things she’d told a woman she thought she’d never meet.

And now she’d meet her blindfolded, unable to see her!

A soft click filtered in from the living room, and she shot upright, hands gripping the tub’s rounded edges, foam dripping from her shoulders. Another click—the door closing?—and someone moved across the tile foyer. Then a hush. Her heart thudded. Mistress K?


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5.0 out of 5 stars A fairy tale for authors March 19, 2015

By Anastasia Vitsky

Kate Richards has a talent for infuriating her readers. I say “talent” because this speaks to her ability to make readers care about her characters, become invested, and scowl when these beloved characters do not get the ending we want. In this case, the denouement is too quick and we are left wanting more.

As to the story itself, Richards brings her classic sense of humor (who else would open a romance with a discussion of re-attaching a severed toe?) and combines it with a rich interplay of fantasy, fairy tale, and dreams come true. Wouldn’t we all like to be Terci Angel, rising star in our profession and hand-picked for mentorship by our idol? Mariana, as the mysterious Mistress K, is a dream come true of a nurturing, humble, and selfless disciplinarian. Through her eyes, we see Terci as “the little author” who deserves the best, and we cheer (perhaps with some envy) when she receives it.

Two highlights of this story include the bathtub scene and the dream sequence. I can’t say more without spoiling the story, but they are moments to savor. Richards is past mistress (pun intended) at her craft, and she combines humor and soul with technical proficiency–to great effect. As to my favorite humorous moments, look for references to “crap on a cracker” and “Marco Polo.”

A special nod to Phil, the hapless would-be agent who steals every scene he’s in. Phil deserves a story of his own, with perhaps a Mistress K to guide him in his quest for professional achievement.

Terci in Chains is a treat to be savored by any fan of kink, F/F, and/or exquisite writing.


3/18/16 by Steven

Your writing is very descriptive and evocative in nature – congrats.

You covered the topic very well – I’m always interested in the POV of a submissive in a D/s relationship.

As a Dom I had a hard time connecting with either the antagonist or protagonist because I’m a guy and I wanted

more lesbian sex, but I’m not your target audience either. I’m sure women will love this story.

I read it in one take which is a compliment.

Bottom line: Well written story that I think will be well-liked within the BDSM community and horny housewives as well.


3/19/15 by Summer Graystone

Wow! Okay, I’ll admit it is very rare for me to read F/F stories. I’ve only ever read F/F by Anastasia Vitsky and she had opened a door for me that I didn’t know existed but I was still hesitant to read any other author who wrote F/F.
When I saw Ms. Richards post about her new book I just knew I had to give it a chance. The blurb was interesting, the cover was just stunning and it included spanking and BDSM. What’s not to love? I gave it a try.
Let me just tell you know I didn’t think I would ever like a F/F story and even more… I cried. I cried like a baby during certain parts in this story! I wish I could tell you more but I don’t want to spoil it because it is just so beautiful. It’s so real! It really tugs on your emotions and makes you really connect with the characters. Ms. Richards really makes incredible characters that you care about and want to have a happy ending. They are super easy to relate to and I can totally imagine being friends with Terci!
This was a wonderful BDSM book that had me laughing out loud, crying and blushing through the great scenes. I highly recommend it for any F/F lover out there or someone who wants to give a great BDSM book a try!




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