When I read Boots of Buffalo Leather by the Brothers Grimm I thought, hmm. How to turn this into an erotic love story. So I took a shower, because that’s where I do my best thinking, and by the time I’d dried myself off Knockin’ Boots was born. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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Clint Gorman was running away from his past and desperately trying to find his future. Plagues by nightmares of war alone in the world, he wanted a place to call home. Dan and Kylie Franklin wanted someone to complete their situation, someone who could fill in all the missing blanks. When Clint and Dan met in the local boot shop it was instant like. Add in Dan’s wife, Kylie, and it was instant attraction. Now they had to decide if the best sex the three of them had ever had and the connection they felt was enough to keep them together.

Excerpt: DH_KnockinBoots_Large

The chair was extra large, making Clint wonder if they used it for anything besides sitting in it. But it was extremely comfortable butter-soft leather, and when he raised the footrest and stretched out, he could feel each of his muscles loosening and relaxing.

“So.” Kylie waited while Dan dropped onto the extra-long couch then sat on his lap and turned to face Clint. “Dan said you were traveling the country and happened to stop in Whistling Creek.”

“That’s right. He was kind enough to invite me to lunch, and it seems we hit it off.” To his total shocked surprise.

“No definite destination in mind?” she asked.

“Uh-uh.” He paused to take a long swallow of beer. “Wherever the bike takes me.”

“I’ll bet you’re enjoying it. Doesn’t he look like it, honey?” She glanced at Dan, who was stroking her bare shoulder and arm.

“Sure does.” He brushed her hair aside to trail kisses down her slender neck and bit gently at the place where it joined her shoulder. Clint saw a little tremor skate over the woman’s skin. “But I got a feeling he might have a better time here with us. At least for a little while.”

She shifted her gaze to Clint again. “I’m assuming Dan explained our situation to you?”

“He did. And I sure can understand it. Some things are difficult for people to accept.”

“In case you think we’re nuts, putting it out there like that,” Kylie told him, “Dan’s very good at reading people. He’s had to be, over the years, as we try to find a third for our, let’s say, social activities. We made a few mistakes early on, so we’ve learned to be extra careful.”

“And to trust our instincts,” Dan added. “I got a very good feeling about you from the moment we shook hands.”

Clint took another swallow of beer, letting the chilled liquid slide down his throat and hopefully cool his body that seemed to be heating up again very quickly.

“I’d just as soon let the two of you take the lead. But I’m not shy about asking if something pops into my head.”

“I don’t know if Dan mentioned it, but I do have a secret wish.” Kylie looked at Dan, who nodded. “We would love to find someone to move in with us permanently. Of course, that would be asking an awful lot.”

“Yeah?” Clint tried not to show his surprise. He’d been in a lot of one-night ménages. Sometimes even two-night encounters. But a permanent one? Would that ever interest him? He gave the other man a questioning look. “And you’d be okay sharing your wife on a regular basis?”

Dan drained the last of his beer and set the empty on the little table beside the couch. “Hell, yes. I mean, I know there would be a lot of logistics and specifics to work out, but if we could find someone on our wavelength, someone we both wanted to include, that would be the ideal.”

“But that’s just a dream, you know?” Kylie leaned into her husband. “Today, let’s enjoy each other. I’m more than ready”

“Sounds good to me.” Yeah, he was more than damn ready, too.

He wondered if, when it was his turn, he could get Kylie to straddle him in this chair and ride him hard. At the thought, his poor cock, which was already in distress, about strangled itself trying to get free. He tugged on the worn denim of his jeans, trying to ease the pressure.

Kylie’s low, throaty laugh sizzled his nerve endings.

“Got a little problem there, Clint?”

“No, I’m good.” But, of course, he wasn’t. His cock wanted out right that moment.

“Maybe I can help you.” She set her bottle down beside Dan’s, hopped off his lap, and walked over to the recliner, reaching out her hand. “May I?”

He didn’t know exactly what she was asking permission for, but what the hell? He nodded, his eyes dropping to her cleavage and the tempting swell of her breasts.

She unfastened the button at the top of his jeans, slowly lowered the zipper, and reached inside. Her fingers eased his shaft through the fly of his boxer briefs and closed lightly over his flesh, stroking it a few times. At her touch, heat flashed through his entire body, and his cock flexed.

Holy shit! They didn’t waste much time on preliminaries or social niceties. Well, fine by him. He wasn’t much for conversation anyway.