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Have you been to Club Fantasy lately? Pull up a chair and meet the newest players.

Who better to play a game of Cut the Cards than Nia “Queen of Hearts” March and Jack “Blackjack” Blackwell. It was just supposed hot be hot, inventive sex, led by the cards in the deck. But from the moment they met in the lounge of Club Fantasy, they both knew there was more in play than erotic activities. Strong emotions zapped the powerful Dom and his sought after sub, emotions neither of them were prepared to deal with. The cards they chose from the deck took them into an evening of sensual play that drove them both to unexpected heights and tightened that invisible bond wrapped around them, The evening was all that was promised and more. At the end of the night, as Blackjack brought his Queen of Hearts down from subspace, they had a big decision to make that would effect their lives going forward.


The man was taller than Tanner and more muscular. He was dressed all in black—precisely tailored slacks and a shirt she was sure was silk. His hair was an even inkier black than Tanner’s, but shorter, and layered in an obviously expensive razor cut. His hooded eyes were framed with lashes that were ridiculously thick, enough to make a woman green with envy. She wondered if there was a factory around here that turned Dom’s out this way and had to swallow a giggle or she’d embarrass herself in front of the stranger.

Her eyes dropped involuntarily to his crotch where the soft material did little to disguise an impressive bulge. Her mouth watered as she thought of closing her lips around it or lowering her body onto it. Whatever he commanded. Her arousal soaked her thong and dampened her thighs. God, she was hot for this man before they’d even exchanged two words. She knew that whatever he wanted from her, whatever boundaries he’d push, she’d agree to it. All of it.

His gaze raked over her like the sweep of a magnifying glass, taking in every detail. When he lifted his eyes to her face again and their eyes locked, a bolt of lust shot through her as if a sword had pierced her heart.

“Queen of Hearts, meet Blackjack himself.” Tanner’s voice held a touch of humor.

Blackjack? Her lips twitched as she tried to suppress a smile.

“Queen of Hearts. How appropriate.” The voice was rich and deep, a little like Tanner’s but thicker and with a Texas twang that made every nerve ending fire up. “Stand up, sub. Let me take a look at all of you.”

Oh, yes. His voice might have that Texas warmth but there was no mistaking the tone of command or the strength in his words. Nia rose on slightly shaky legs, clasped her hands in front of her, and bowed her head.

“You may keep your head raised, sub. I want to get a good look at your face.”

His eyes were like twin lasers, scorching her skin as they traveled over it. She thought a smile teased at one corner of his mouth but it was gone so quickly she thought she might have imagined it. He skimmed his gaze over her from top to bottom and back again until she felt as if her clothes had been stripped and she stood naked before him.

While she stood there, trying not to shiver beneath his scrutiny, another man strolled up, shook hands with Tanner and nodded to Blackjack, holding out his hand.

“Welcome to Club Fantasy, Blackjack. You come highly recommended from your home club.”

Blackjack chuckled. “Yes. I’ve been a member there for a long time. Thanks for the guest pass.”

“Our pleasure.” The stranger who must have worked at the club pulled a sealed deck of cards from his pocket along with a key card and handed them both to Blackjack. “Tanner explained that you requested a private room. Number three, down the hall on the left. And a fresh deck of cards.” He flicked his gaze over Nia before looking at Blackjack again. “Enjoy your evening.”

Blackjack turned to Tanner. “I’ll see you later?”

Tanner nodded. “Just text me when the Queen of Hearts is ready for her ride home.” He looked at Kelly and grinned. “We’ll be playing our own card game.”

Blackjack tapped Nia on the shoulder. “Time to go.”

With a last glance at Kelly, Nia followed the man out of the lounge area and down the hallway. She waited obediently while he inserted the key card and opened the door to the room, then followed him inside. As soon as the lock clicked on the door he turned to face her.

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