Instead of excerpts I am going to post the totally fabulous review from Fresh Fiction:

Waiting for her husband to sign divorce papers, Julia Patterson cares for her twin son and daughter while starting her own career in San Antonio by going into business as Bright Ideas with her friend, Claire Westbrook, while working hard to keep her vindictive husband at bay. She leaves her children Andy and Beth with the housekeeper Miranda Black, and heads to make a proposal to Hot Ticket in Boston to build their clientele. What she finds isn’t what she expected.Finding Julia

At first glance, Lucas Buchanan, executive Vice President of the company steals her breath with his charisma. Luke’s libido reciprocates when he first lays eyes on Julia. How passion and raw eroticism is off the chart for the couple, stealing their breath. Intending to pursue their future together, everything is blown away at finding Julia’s soon-to-be ex is stricken with a heart attack with a prognosis of 6 months left. Not only does Julie feel guilt, but also is coerced and blackmailed into continuing the farce of a marriage to care for Charles until his death after discovering Julia’s deep secret. Unable to contact her true love again, they eventually loose contact. Thirteen years later they are brought together again, only to find the passion and deep love is still there, however, her secret still has the ability to keep them apart.

Steamy erotic sex and troubled emotional worries can’t keep this couple at opposite ends. If you want a hot graphic story of sex, coupled with emotional stress for a woman fighting for her life, FINDING JULIA will definitely quench your taste. Not only is there hot sex included but also a heart wrenching struggle for a woman to put herself first for once. The plot will capture you from page one and continue to hold you with your heart bleeding for this woman right to the last page! I thoroughly enjoyed FINDING JULIA, which is certainly typical from Desiree Holt.