HotandColdHot and Cold

By Amelia Swan

Blurb: When figure skating coach Jill Davis, locked eyes with “Hot Hockey Dad”, she’s convinced that the well-dressed, impossibly handsome man just caught her and her friend staring at him. When he pulls her aside in the rink’s snack bar and introduces himself as Jeremy Rosario, Jill knows there was more to the look they shared from across the ice surface than she initially thought.
It quickly becomes clear that Jill and Jeremy have serious chemistry, but will that be enough to get them past the trouble that Jeremy’s ex-wife stirs up? As she is trying to navigate her new relationship, Jill is preparing her most talented student for her first regional competition while the girl’s mom does her best to thwart the young coach at every turn.

Authors Bio:Amelia

Amelia Swan writes contemporary, erotic, and new adult romance. She’s interested in characters that are smart, sincere, and somewhat artistically inclined. All of her heroines are girls she could totally see herself being friends with. Reader Email:


Excerpt: Excerpt:

“Well, then you’ll just have to show them you can. I mean-” Molly stopped herself mid-sentence, her big blue eyes widening as she spotted something across the rink.

I looked in the direction of whatever had caught her interest. “What’s up, Moll?”

She turned to me, her full cherub cheeks red from the cold and from excitement. “Hot Hockey Dad, straight ahead.”

My eyes widened as I searched the snack bar area outside of the rink for the man Molly and I had been lusting after for months. He was leaning up against the painted brick wall of the snack bar, watching our figure skating girls twirl and glide about. I would never get over how hot he was. His warm, olive-toned skin was complemented by close-cropped, jet black hair and emerald green eyes. Despite the fact I’d never seen him wear anything other than a suit, I could tell his tall, broad frame was covered with a patchwork of well-defined muscles. Muscles that strained ever so slightly against the fabric of his suits. He always looked so dapper. So well put-together. So damn sexy. And there was something undeniably charming about the fact he never seemed to miss his son’s practices or games. Oh, and he never wore a wedding ring.

“You’re staring, ladies,” Evan, another coach and friend of ours, said with a smile as he skated by, trailing one of his students while she stroked around the rink. If he wasn’t in the middle of a lesson, Evan would be leaning up against the boards and staring with us.

I turned to look at Molly. “He’s right, you know – we’re like school girls with this crush.”

Molly, on the other hand, didn’t avert her gaze. “He’s just so…so…” She tried to find the right words to describe Hot Hockey Dad as she ran her fingers through her platinum blonde ponytail, primping for his benefit, hoping he’d finally notice her after months of pining for him from afar.

Knowing Katie had three more laps to complete and didn’t need my full attention, I looked back over at the object of our admiration. “Hot. So incredibly, out-of-this-world hot.”

We sighed in unison, lost in a haze of lust as we eyed Hot Hockey Dad from across the ice and through the rink’s expansive glass doors. I watched as his impossibly bright green eyes scanned the rink, paying attention to no one person or thing in particular…until they landed on me. My breath hitched as his gaze lingered on my body, returning my blatant stare with one of his own. His eyes narrowed as he studied me, one side of his mouth curling up into the most seductive smile I’d ever seen.

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