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Tenna Massey hoped for a break after killing her possessed ex-husband, but the demons have other ideas. She thought her first Hunt was difficult; just wait until she sees what the demons have in store for her now. The latest attack on her points to someone she knows, causing her to doubt her relationships with her soul mate, Jason, and the rest of her newly adopted family.

While Tenna wades through all the new information, trying to learn whether one of her own has betrayed her, the entire family is on edge with the arrival of an enemy clan of Shifters, the same Shifters responsible for the slaughter of Jason’s entire family and tribe. Everything is hitting too close to home.

The closer Tenna gets to finding the demon doing everything it can to be the one to end the reign of the Huntress, the more she realizes it is, indeed, someone she loves. Sometimes the dead don’t stay dead.

Enjoy an excerpt:

Jason’s fist slammed onto the table, the wood creaked under the force, glasses wobbled then tipped, and poor Bren jumped so high Tenna thought she’d actually come out of her chair. He stood abruptly, knocking the chair to the ground. “I knew where you were because you told us what direction you were heading and I caught your scent. I know the Okroyo because those are the fuckers who slaughtered my entire village, save me of course. Stacy doesn’t have ‘a scratch’,” he said imitating the way Tenna had said it, “because they weren’t there for her. They were there for you. And no, I don’t know why the fuck some Shifters would come after a demon Hunter…yet. But I will find out.” He took two steps and loomed over Tenna while she continued to sit at the table. “Do not ever. Accuse me. Of going against you. Again.” He bent at the waist, bringing his face even with Tenna’s, lining his eyes up with hers. “Do not. Accuse your family. Of turning against you. Ever. Again.”

The energy in the room was collectively angry, but a majority coming from Jason was pain. She’d hurt him. With her discreet accusation she’d cut him further than any knife could. She dropped her eyes to her lap not wanting to see the look in his eyes, although she couldn’t get away from the physical aspects of his agony.

Jason straightened, turned on his heel, and stormed out of the kitchen and out through the front door. The force with which he slammed the door rattled the windows and once again made poor Bren jump. Her eyes flitted from Tenna’s face, over to Russ, and then to Stacy who was still standing in her doorway with her arms crossed over her chest.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: CL Parks has had a passion for writing since reading Charlotte’s Web in kindergarten. After rewriting the ending to gift Charlotte with immortal life she became obsessed. Her tastes quickly moved from sweet and innocent to the supernatural after reading Stephen King in fifth grade. Since the moment she picked up Pet Semetary she devoured every supernatural and preternatural book she could get her hands on by authors ranging from Anne Rice to Stephanie Rowe.

When not fully engulfed in the latest release or typing away at her newest novel you can find her corralling her chickens, playing with her dogs, spoiling her large lizard or sewing a new vintage inspired dress. Her dream is to travel the country in an RV with her husband while writing more books…after the kids have gone on to college, of course.





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