Want to be touched by a Navy SEAL?  Who doesn’t??

Last year I was a part of an award winning anthology – SEALs On Fire – with my book, Dagger’s Edge.  This year I have a sexy new release as a part of the SEALs Going Hot series with Desiree Holt, Cerise Deland and Samantha Cayto.  Touched by Midas, the story of a superstitious Navy SEAL and a women trying to live a “normal” life away from her rock-and-roll family.


The story behind Touched by Midas

When our editor first asked the four of us to write another SEALs series, I decided I wanted to bring in as much authenticity to my story as possible.  Aside from actually having dated a Navy SEAL (which I haven’t – sigh…), I did marry a Navy man and we spent the first three years of our marriage stationed at Naval Station Rota, Spain.  What readers read in Touched by Midas comes straight from my memories of living in Rota, working on the base and being with my huge military family.

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By Brenna Zinn

As a Navy SEAL, Michael “Midas” Baudine trains countless hours to prepare for combat. But a man can’t train for luck, so preserving his “Midas touch” good fortune is something he takes seriously, and he’ll go to extreme measures to get his team on-board with his pre-mission, luck-assuring routines. He accepts a challenge from his team—get the sexy but uptight teacher, who blocks his advances at every turn, to the rock concert a week from today, and they’ll comply.

With a crazy rock star dad and top supermodel mom, Angie Summers was once a wild child but, wanting more out of life, has done her best to live under the radar of fame. She’s even assumed a secret identity and found a job teaching at Naval Station Rota, Spain. Her attempt at a “normal” life is quickly turned on its ear when a hot-as-hell Navy SEAL sweet talks her into a date she’ll never forget and may eventually regret.

While spending time with the muscle-bound sailor unleashes Angie’s need to let the wild child out to play, which could threaten her anonymity, Midas finds himself on the precipice of breaking the first rule of luck—never fall for a woman.

Excerpt – Touched by Midas

How did nice girls survive? How did they resist the sexual magnetism of guys like Midas long enough to find the kind of man they could have a real relationship with? The seductive SEAL with the charming smile could make even a nun think twice about her vows, let alone a world-weary bitch trying to redeem herself.

“Sorry,” Angie heard herself say before the last of her restraint gave way. She turned and started walking, avoiding any further tax to her self-control.

“You think I’m not good enough for you?”

His question halted her foot mid-step. Of all the things he could have said, he’d found the one she couldn’t ignore. The one that suggested she was still the unkind woman of her youth. The girl who used people as much as they used her.

Biting a lip, she released a long sigh and made an about face.

“No. I don’t think you’re not good enough for me.”

“That’s easy enough to say, but harder to prove. Go out with me. Show me that your words are worth something.”

So many thoughts swirled through her mind. Some snarky and downright mean. Others a complete abdication to the power that was Midas. But before she could decide which one to toss out, the sailor threw down the gauntlet.

“I’ve got tickets to see Stereo Arsenal next week,” he said, coming closer. “Go with me. Be my date to what will probably be the show of the year on base.”

The mention of her father’s band broke the hold Midas had on her. No way she’d go and be recognized by one of the band members, roadies or fans. She’d already made arrangements for a few hours of private time with her parents while they were in Rota. That visit alone could compromise her identity.

“Sorry, buddy. No can do. I’m really not a fan of rock-and-roll.”

“Not a fan of rock and roll?” His eyebrows rose in mock surprise. “How is that even possible? Don’t you know that Stereo Arsenal is one of the best bands from the 80s? These guys sold more albums and had more top-ten hits than anyone else in their genre. They’re classic. Just scoring tickets for the show was a major coup.”

She couldn’t help the pride swelling her chest. Her father might be the leader of the madhouse, but he and the band had worked hard to rise to the top. They deserved every accolade they received.

“I don’t want to go to the concert by myself,” he persisted, increasing the wattage to his dazzling smile. “Prove your words are more than just sounds coming from those pretty lips.”

“Please.” She rolled her eyes. “There are dozens of beautiful women in Rota who would love to be your date. Maybe you should ask one of them.”

“You’re the only person I’m interested in. You have been for a while.”

What people are saying about Touched by Midas:

“I thoroughly enjoyed Touched by Midas; the very interesting characters, fun plot, and simmering sexuality made it one fantastic little novella!”  Slick, Guilty Pleasures 

“Touched by Midas I have to say is now one of my favorite reads. All the components are there to tug at your heart for our military, for family and let’s not forget the hot scenes that you need a fan for.”— Shey’s Book Cave

Here are some inspiration pictures, including personal snapshots, of Rota, Spain


About Brenna ZinnSONY DSC

I remember reading about Texas in an Illinois grade school and thinking I probably would never see the great state where real cowboys ride their horses to work every day and everyone wears western hats and boots. Then again, I never dreamed I would elope in Gibraltar with a Navy man who hailed from the Lone Star state. But here I am, smack dab in the middle of Texas, still married to the same wonderful man and boasting not only the greatest daughter on the planet, but three dogs that are as big as long horns.

In between grade school and now, my journey through life has taken me all over the United States, as well as many places throughout the world. Using my travel experience as a guide and peppering in interesting characters I’ve met along the way, I love nothing better than weaving tales of romance and leaving readers yearning for adventures of their own.

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