Let’s get Wild and Wicked!

Are you ready to escape the heat of summer for a few minutes? Let us help with flashbacks of a cooler time, February to be precise, when the temperature in San Antonio hovered around sixty degrees and the Belle Femme authors laid out the red carpet for a Wild and Wicked Weekend.

That’s right. This issue of our newsletter will focus on not just our latest releases, but our favorite memories of one of the best writer/reader conferences around.

If you feel inspired to join us in 2015, do so soon. The Wild Wicked Weekend is limited to 150 attendees, keeping our event wickedly intimate and wildly fabulous.  Check out our website at http://www.wildwickedweekend.com.

From Regina Carlysle
Pinning down just ONE perfectly fantastic, crazy memory from WWW 2014 is a next to impossible task. Gosh, when I returned home, my head was pretty much spinning from an overload of too much fun. So what happens when a bunch of slightly insane women get together in beautiful San Antonio, Texas? More than I can say here, but I will admit that on more than one night, most of us could be found congregated in either the beautiful courtyard of The Menger Hotel or by the pool talking (and drinking) until the wee hours.For me, one of the major highlights (and a night I won’t soon forget) was when we played Sex Position Gumby. What is that, you ask? Hm. Let me just say our own Dalton Diaz has one wicked imagination. Using naughty sex scenes from our work and utilizing the talents of some of our attendees and the hottest guys in Texas, those very scenes were ‘tamely….sort of’ acted out. Yes, we even had props! I laughed until I cried! I think at one point, Cerise Deland almost fell out of her chair laughing but she wasn’t the only one.  After a whole lot of requests from ladies who attended the 2014 WWW, we have included that in the activities again. I can’t wait!
From Desiree Holt
My favorite part of the Wild Wicked Weekend is the Meet and Greet on Thursday afternoon. Why? Because I get to do exactly what it says—Meet….and Greet! Some of you I only get to see a couple of times a year. At the larger Cons we’re all so busy scurrying from meeting to meeting and panel to panel that just hanging out isn’t always possible. And that’s the part I really look forward to.I love greeting all of you when you come in. Exchanging hugs (you know I’m a hugger, right?). Catching up on the latest news, even older news. There’s a special bond between readers and authors that I don’t think you find in any other situation. A unique communications link. We get each other, right? Authors are readers, too, and I know when I see one of my fave authors I am the biggest fan girl in the world. I’m even more excited when I get to hug one of my fans in such an informal situation.It’s also a chance to hang out and chat, talk about what’s old and what’s new, compare notes. Someone always has an exciting story to tell. And this year we are adding something new to the Official Meet and Greet—an ice cream social. Yup, that’s right, delicious ice cream, and it’s being served by our equally delicious male hosts. (Pause to lick my lips here.)So we can get our cones or sundaes, kick back and catch up on everyone’s news.
Bring all your gossip with you so we can get the weekend off to a great start. We’ll all be waiting for you, your hostesses for three fun-filled days. I’ll be the one with my arms out waiting to give you each a big squeeze.

Desiree Holt
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From Brenna Zinn
I absolutely love a great party, especially when the good times last not only a day but three days and three nights. Seventy-two hours of nonstop fun, friends, fabulous male hosts and just being naughty. Like many of the other Belle Femme authors, coming up with a single favorite event or memory is nearly impossible.From the moment I step in the Menger Hotel until the time I leave, I’m having the time of my life. How can I not? We have trips to strip clubs for women, field trips to active dungeons, BDSM demonstrations, costumes, themed meals, a book signing, lap dancing lessons, drag queens, vendors…the list goes on and on.But, if I had to narrow down the entire Wild Wicked Weekend to one essential element, I would have to say it is the people who attend that make the weekend so special to me. They come to San Antonio with smiles on their faces and are ready to simply have a ball. Believe me, we certainly do.Touched by Midas, my story in the SEALs Going Hot series comes out August 15th. You can check out the cover and an excerpt, as well as where you can get it by clicking HERE.  Thanks!
From Cerise Deland
For me this year, the most exciting parts of Wild Wicked Weekend came near the end. I’ve seen burlesque reviews on The Block in Baltimore (my old hometown), in Las Vegas, New York and even Paris. But I’ve never ever seen a drag queen review and the one we had at last year’s WWW was fantastic!  The contestants really pumped it out, gave it their all and just blew me away with their dedication and artistry.Then, afterward as we were leaving the next morning, one of the attendees came up to say thank you for a wonderful time. “I cried last night because it was over!” she said with half a sob. I was utterly delighted—and frankly honored to know that we made someone’s weekend so delightful that departing would create such emotion.Hope we can do it again! Not only for that person, whom I spy on the registration list for  the 3rd year in a  row (!!!)—but for everyone who attends!Burning for Nero from the SEALs Going Hot series is now available! ClickHERE.

From Dalton Diaz
My favorite thing about WWW was, drumroll please, Sex Position Gumby! Big surprise, huh? I was laughing so hard, and we certainly weren’t short any volunteers. Top 10 things you never thought you’d do: ask the hotel catering manager to have a rollaway bed brought into the ballroom. Bonus: they left the straps on!My recent release, Gods Gone Wild is now available!
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From Samantha Cayto
When I was in my mid-teens, my divorced mother reunited with an old boyfriend who was working in Houston as an engineer. When they got engaged, I told my mother in no uncertain terms that I was NEVER moving to Texas. I wouldn’t even go when she went down for visits. My mother loved Texas, but eventually stopped loving the guy so that was that. Then I met Desiree Holt, Regina Carlysle, Cerise Deland, and Brenna Zinn and suddenly I had a whole bunch of really good reasons to visit Texas. Next thing you know, I’m wearing a beautiful pair of genuine cowboy boots from Billy’s Western Wear. The irony is not lost on my mother, let me tell you!I love going to San Antonio for the WWW. To this born and bred Northerner, it feels like a second home. One of my favorite memories is a night before the conference started when Brenna drove me around SA at night in her husband’s badass car. It was magical. And I still can’t get over the response of the attendees to the BDSM lectures and tours. As someone in the lifestyle, it is so gratifying for others to understand and support the way I feel and the things I do that I used to believe I had to hide. Thank you all so much for that!I used to hate February too because it’s not very nice up here, weather wise, and it seems as if winter will never end. Now I have SA and the WWW to look forward to. The weather has been great each year, and I look forward to hanging out on the Riverwalk. There’s only one thing that I don’t like about the WWW – the ghosts. Any of you who seem to attract them, please put in a good word for me. At my age, I need all the sleep I can get.Catching Eagle’s Eye, my book in the SEALs Going Hot series is OUT!  You can get it at Amazon by clicking HERE 
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For more information or to register for the Wild Wicked Weekend clickHERE.

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