SEAL sniper, Dane Sawyer, is known as Eagle Eye for his deadly aim. He’s also good at hiding his identity as a gay Dom. Childhood trauma has led him to live and play deep in the closet. Then a bullet to his thigh lands him on leave and in the incredible hands of a hot ensign assigned to get him back in the field.

Will Chadwick is happy to finally be living as an openly gay man in the Navy. And as a physical therapist, he’s used to coaxing bad asses like Dane into doing their PT. Harder for him is resisting the temptation that Dane presents. He’s a patient and hiding his sexuality. A prudent man would keep his distance.

But Dane doesn’t know how to quit, and seducing Will has become a mission. The budding sub in Will can’t resist the Dom’s commands. If he could only make Dane see that being a man doesn’t mean hiding his true self.


Will shut the door and leaned against his car. “I don’t understand. Were you there for something and happened to see me?”

Dane rocked back on his heels and glanced upward. “Sort of.” He blew out a breath. “I was there looking for you.” Shrugging, he added, “You were on my mind.”

Will’s breath quickened at the confession. Dane had been thinking of him and had made a point of finding him, following him, asking him out to dinner. He should have been creeped out at the knowledge, maybe, but he wasn’t. Mattering enough to a guy like Dane that he’d gone out of his way to spend time with him was flattering. And arousing. Will’s cock had punched up hard at the revelation. His beer-fogged brain, now deprived of a certain amount of blood flow, told him to go with it, tell the man how much he wanted the guy to continue to follow him right into his bed.

The sensible part of his brain still worked well enough to make him shake his head. “This is so not a good idea,” he murmured, hating the words as they came out of his mouth.

“Tell me about it. I’m giving myself points for resisting the urge to approach for a few days. Believe it or not, this is me being conservative.”

Will shook his head. “You’re a patient, my patient. This is not ethical.”

Dane looked at him skeptically. “Seriously? You’re worried about that? Come on, you’re not my shrink or anything.”

“Still,” Will emphasized because there were ethical issues, more or less. And then there was the pink elephant in the room that could not be ignored. “You’re also not out, unless I’ve missed my guess, and I am. I hated hiding before they repealed DADT. I don’t want to hide again.”

Dane blew out a long breath. “Yeah, I get that.” He stared back at Will with eyes that did a good job of hiding the hurt. It was there, though, if one looked close enough. Being gay wasn’t easy for this man, obviously. The knowledge tugged at Will’s heart.

Closing the distance between them, Dane kept his gaze steady. “I know there are reasons why we’d be a bad fit. I get your ethics and I get your need to stay out, I really do. I’m not wired like that and not just because I’m in the Teams, although that’s a big factor. We depend on each other in a way most people will never know or understand. I can’t risk those bonds for anything. You can’t understand that, not really, and I don’t expect you to or blame you for not seeing it the way I do. But damn it all, Will, none of that shit seems important compared to this.”

With snake striking speed, Dane grabbed Will’s hand and pressed it against his package. A large, hard ridge met his palm. The man held it there for a couple of heartbeats before releasing him. “I want you, boy. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. The question is, do you want me, too. Despite all the reasons against it, do you want me, too?”