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Pleasures Series, Book Five – Roped For Pleasure

River, Tara, and Kat met in the police academy, decided to forgo becoming cops and try life as private investigators instead. That easily, Angel Investigations was born.

After a shooting involving her best friends and the detective who tormented them all, Tara is looking for healing. But she can’t forget, can’t heal, when someone is determined to keep reminding her, sending a picture to her phone every day. First, pictures of Detective Raymond Marino then graphic crime scene photos of women’s deaths. Is someone sending Tara a warning?

Kat’s brother and his two best friends have wanted Tara since they first met her. Charlie, Dasan, and Sam are determined to help her heal with as much TLC as she can handle. Three men set on giving her more pleasure than she’s ever known, as long as they rope her in before time runs out.

Excerpt:  Roped for Pleasure 35

Tara awoke with a scream still lingering on her lips. She jerked upright, wrapping her arms around herself as she moved her gaze all around the room. She checked every inch of it for any hidden intruders. But she knew the truth. The only intruder existed in her mind, and even death couldn’t dislodge him.

Her door burst open, and Charlie filled the entrance. His dark hair was rumpled from sleep, giving him the look of the boy he must have been years ago.

“Tara? Tara, are you okay?” He rushed over to the bed and sat beside her. Slowly, he reached out and ran a hand down her arm.

She knew she was shaking, but was helpless to stop it. His touch was gentle, soothing, a surprise after watching him spend the day handling cattle on the ranch. He appeared hard and rough on horseback as if he’d stepped off the cover of an old western novel. He was a man’s man, masculine to the core, and a woman’s fantasy come to life.

“Tara,” her name was a murmur of concern on his lips. With no more prompting, she turned and burrowed into his chest. His arms felt good around her. They made her feel safe, protected.

“Everything okay?”

Tara didn’t look up as the new voice intruded. She kept her eyes closed, her face snuggled against Charlie.

“Another bad dream, I think,” Charlie answered.

The bed dipped again, and Tara turned her head to see Dasan. His long dark hair was loose around his shoulders. His high cheekbones gave testimony to the Native American blood that ran through his veins. She wondered if he’d be untamed in bed, riding her as well as he did a horse.

“Tara.” Her name was panted from the doorway, Sam sounding out of breath as he joined them. His blond hair was rumpled, either from sleep or his fingers. He smiled as their gazes met, and she felt her lips lift in reply. There was just something about him, the way he embraced life and dared you to do the same.

She should be embarrassed. Her screams were what brought them all to her bedroom. Nightmares she couldn’t escape from haunted her day and night. She was exhausted. Perhaps coming to her friend’s home to recuperate hadn’t been a great idea. Maybe she should have just gone home.


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Lacey Thorn spends her days in small-town Indiana, the proud mother of three. When she is not busy with one of them she can be found typing away on her computer keyboard or burying her nose in a good book. Like every woman, she knows just how chaotic life can be and how appealing that great escape can look. So toss aside the stress and tension of the never ending “to do” list. For now sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride with Lacey as she helps you to unlace and unleash the woman inside.

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