I was lucky enough to snag a copy of an  interview with a hot character from torn to Pieces, a USA Today Recommended Read by the talented and fascinating Sascha Illyvich:

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Jackob (From Torn to Pieces): So, what’s it like having finally found the love of your life and sharing her with another alpha male?

Jason (Of Menage Bound): Dude it rocks.  Took Chase and I a long time to come to grips with what we had but you know what?  It was worth it.  Siddella is a completion to our hearts that makes more sense than either of us understood before her appearance.

Jackob: What’s a typical day for you three?

Jason: Man we handle business.  You know how it is when you’ve gotta make the money but don’t want to work?  You’d understand that having to deal with your end of things in Albuquerque.  But we get up, shower together, Siddella makes us breakfast, we have some time together, then she goes off to handle her company and we manage ours.  End of the day, we come back home together and it’s snuggle fest.

Jackob: Aww, snuggle fest.

Jason:  *nods* Yup.  That leads to…well…you know how we roll.

Jackob:  Sure do, pal.  Has it been an uphill struggle to maintain synergy in the relationship?

Jason:  Dude, synergy in the relationship?  What is this?  Big word day?  *snicker*

Jackob:  Yeah yeah yeah, you know what I mean.

Jason:  *laughs*  Fuck synergy (like a boss!  It’s been tough some times. She’s so used to getting her way but she has to remember that she’s the submissive.  In the corporate workplace neither I nor chase would EVER step on her toes, she’d blast us down and toss us out like used trash.  But in the bedroom and house, and even in public, depending on the circumstances, we play and live this lifestyle.  I’d gather it’s close to what you, Iolite and Kerian have.

Jackob:  Not entirely.  There isn’t a direct D/s element in our relationship, particularly because all three of us have strong personalities.  Balancing it is the key.

Jason:  Right.  With us, it is a balancing act in the D/s because Chase and I are both dominant but most days he’s more…uptight isn’t the right word.

Jackob:  Controlled.

Jason: Restrained I think.  Siddella’s working on helping him let loose a little more.  Hey how the hell did we get to be interviewed by you?

Jackob:  I’m just that charming *shit eating grin* Guess we’ll call it.  Shit to do.

Jason:  Shit to do. Say, what’s it like being a werewolf?

Jackob:  Oh you know.  *shrugs* Good.  Good.  Eat, fuck, kill, repeat.

Editor’s note:  We don’t know how these two got together or even why, considering in Torn to Pieces wolves are hiding their existence but whatever.  It seemed like a good idea.  Two ménage couples for the price of one!  Huzzah! 

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