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Kalan Henderson has had her eyes set on Aaren Reston for the last two years. When the sexy, brown-haired hunk with light green eyes became the newest senior executive at her job she knew she had to have him. However, over the years he hasn’t given her an ounce of encouragement that he’d be receptive to the idea of something in the recreational department between them. That is until she’s selected to work extra hours with him on an assignment.

Six weeks of discovering Aaren is more than a hot body and pretty face has just made Kalan lust after him even more. Then one night everything changed and the after hour’s heat exploded to a level she could never have imagined. But soon Kalan discovers that the man of her dreams may have secrets that will wreck the fantasy of what they could have in an instant.



The side smile on his mouth was the sexiest. “Kalan, you have a little sauce…”

“Oh!” Now I felt like a damn fool. Reaching up, I swiped at one corner of my mouth and then my chin and looked at my hands, not seeing anything. “Did I get it?”

“No.” He rose.

I looked around for the napkin and recalled they were already packed up. Shit. I couldn’t believe I’d sat here all this time spilling the woes of my horrid relationship with a glob of sauce on my chin like a two year old. Forgetting the napkin, I decided to just go to the bathroom.

Before I could rise, Aaren sat beside me and placed a hand on my shoulder. “Hold on a moment. It’s just a small droplet. I’ll get it for you.”

“Thanks.” I sat still and waited.

His hand cupped my face. It was warm and strong, but his touch was gentle as his thumb brushed over my chin.

“Did you get it?”

“Not yet.”

I wondered what he was waiting on. Prepared to question him, I turned my head and looked at him. His eyes struck me speechless. The only thing I could think of to describe the green color was dark and mysterious as the enchanted forest. I was captivated by them. The heat and passion that I’d witnessed a time or two through the night was back but at a more powerful level.

It sucked me in and drew my own desire to a point of boiling. My lips parted as I let out a sigh, like a pressure cooker needing to release a little of the built up steam. Just like the pot, I felt close to exploding from too much heat gathering for too long—past the point of being done, ready.

The urge to warn him about my feelings toward him, let him know that he was either going to need to do something about the lust between us or let me go. “Aaren—”

“Kalan.” His whisper of my name came out at the same time before he leaned in and slid his tongue over my bottom lip. The glide was smooth, slow and torturous, moving from corner to corner.

I gasped. Shocked and thrilled by his action.

“Mm, even better eaten off you than I imagined.”

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