Once Upon a WeddingFirst of all, be sure to leave a comment so you can be in the running for the Grand Prize of a big Gift Certificate. And I will be giving away to three lucky winners a copy of the favorite story of mine that I’ve written. ONCE UPON A WEDDING. Of all the stories I’ve written, this one by far lives on on my heart.

Now, to a book that I truly, truly love.

I think I’ve had a lot of books I’ve loved over the years. I’m always a sucker for a good romance. And of course, it must have a happy ending. My friends and fellow writers laugh at me because I always read the last chapter first, just to make sure the story has a satisfying conclusion. Lately I’ve become addicted to Marie Force’s McCarthys of Gansett Island series. I think I’ve read each book ten time (which of course is leaving a lot unread on my iPad!).

Maid for LoveIn MAID FOR LOVE we met Mac and Maddie. Who wouldn’t be totally charmed by their love story? And who wouldn’t want a very sexy, caring man like Mac. When he knocks her off her bicycle and she’s badly hurt, he doesn’t stop think twice about carrying her home and caring for her and her son. Even in the face of his mother’s disdain and the island gossip that swirls around them.

I worked my way through the series, anxiously awaiting each new release. let me tell you, there’s a good reason why these books hit the best seller lists.

I loved reading about Stephanie and Grant, Evan and Grace, Laura and Owen, Janey and Joe, David and Daisy. But Mac and Maddie remain my favorites, along with Adam and Abby. OMG! That story is so hot, so full of emotion, so, so, so everything!!! Abby has had her heart broken twice. She’s sworn off men. Adam is coming off a disastrous relationship that cost him not only his heart but his business. What starts out as a pact for the two of them to heal their hearts with fun turns into a love that scorches you and makes you laugh and cry.

These are stories of the discovery of love. Of people with wounded souls who discover that even when love happens by accident it is the real and lasting kind.

Have I hooked you yet?

Go check out Marie Force right now! 

Buy those books! You’ll read them over and over just like I did.