A Midsummer Night’s Dream-Man – A JustRomance.me Bloghop

Prizes! In addition to the Grand Prize for this blog hop, I will draw w inner form the comments for a signed copy of JUNGLE INFERNO (US and Canada only). Others may choose an ebook from my backlist.

Everyone has a Dream man, right? Is he a movie star? a TV star? A typical alpha hero? A poet? What does he look like? My Dream Man can take different forms, depending on my mood.

One of my Dream Men is Mark Valley of Body of Proof and Target. I just love his look, his attitude, his incredible eyes. In my mind he looks exactly like the hero of JUNGLE INFERNO, Mark Halloran. Mark Valley

Also on my list of Dream Men is Sean Connery, but only from a specific movie. I loved him in THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER. He was just the ultimate ultimate. I think I’ve watched that move two hundred times and I never get tired of him.

Sean Connery

Of course in my books my Dream Men take a number of forms—Special Forces, law     enforcement, firefighters.




So here’s a little tidbit for you about a Dream Man. Read it and then let me know who you see as your Dream Man.

She looked around her and discovered she was surrounded by a mist, shifting and changing even as she watched it. She stared at it as a form began to emerge, blinking to make sure she actually saw it. AS he came closer she realized he was tall, muscular, but with a lean runners body. But that wasn’t what fascinated her. Thick black hair that brushed the nape of his neck framed a face that made her lick her lips. Eyes blacker than midnight studied her from beneath lashes any woman would kill for. High cheekbones and an angular jaw definite a face with a straight nose and sensuous lips. Lips that she wanted to feel on her mouth and other parts of her body. As he drew closer she saw that heat flared in his eyes, flickers of light like the flames of a fire. Eyes that mesmerized her and stirred her body. Made her want him to do erotic things to her. Then he was beside her, his lean hand stroking her face, and she realized it was…………………


Okay, you fill in the blank! His name. His occupation. Whatever it is that turns you on and makes him your Dream Man. I’ll be picking a winner July 21. I’ll announce the winner on my Facebook Page and Twitter as well as posting it here so be sure to check back.