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As I’m going to explain in a minute, this is NOT a stand-alone series. One book builds on another and the romances aren’t contained in a single book.

That’s probably what was the most frustrating about Marc being the first to come to me to have his story told. At the time I wrote this, I had no idea what this seemingly silly lie meant. And I know Romance-novel readers have come to expect everything to wrap up at the end of a book and the couple to magically resolve all their issues and live happily ever after only to make cameo appearances in their friends’ books later on.

Not so for this series. I chose to write the kind of Romance I wanted to read–a realistic one. In my books, the couple may get to Happy For Now (which was all you got in this book), but even the ones who get the Happily Ever After ending aren’t finished. Life happens and they’ll have to deal with it.

So, Marc. This is my most stubborn Dom. I don’t plot or tell my characters you WILL do this in chapter twenty or anything like that. (Um, they are Doms and I’m not, so I just tend to say, “Yes, Sir.”) The lie bugged me. What bugged me even more was Angelina’s response to it. But I just wanted to point out that this couple’s journey in this book lasts ONE WEEK. In a traditional Romance, that’s no biggie. They’d be on the road to the altar by “the end.” Not so in real life (usually). Hints of problems will come up in the next two books and it’s no surprise or spoiler to anyone who checks out my social media and web sites–this couple is the main couple (again) in book 5, Somebody’s Angel. I had hoped to give them their HEA in book 4 (Nobody’s Perfect) until it FINALLY was revealed to me (and Marc) why he is the way he is.

I price my e-books incredibly low (only $4.99 for books well over 100k–the last one 450+ pages in print) because I want the messages of hope and healing in these pages to be read by as many of my fellow wounded-by-life readers to gain from that experience.

As to why I go into greater detail than some BDSM authors, it’s because I also chose to take a realistic approach. I don’t want to be a “BDSM” author. I’m an author of stories with realistic and compelling characters and stories that keep them wanting to turn the pages in book after book to find out what happens to the people they’ve come to love like family members or close friends. The majority of my readers haven’t read a BDSM novel before in their lives. And if they have read what they THINK was a BDSM novel, it was Fifty Shades of Grey, which was more about redeeming a dysfunctional, abusive man than it was about BDSM. (Oh, I do have dysfunctional characters, but none of my Doms has EVER crossed the line into abuse and I hope never will–but with them in the driver’s seat, I can’t say never because they love when I do that so they can laugh at me and show me differently. I love the psychology of the relationships. But I probably won’t appeal to readers who like to redeem the unredeemable. With my guys, you will want them to find their happiness and get their heads out of their asses–and will root for their strong, sassy women, too.)

For anyone who wants to come along for a very long ride, please trust me and my readers’ advice and read them in order or you’ll have a hard time understanding the characters. I’ve heard from many readers who jumped from Section 1 (Adam’s prequel) in Masters at Arms to book 3 (Nobody’s Hero) only to realize later when they re-read that Adam’s story actually continued in Sections 4 and 5 of the intro AND the last third or so of Nobody’s Angel.

I plan two books a year at least for the next decade, then my readers want to read about the next generation, who will be more grown up by then. Yes, I do show in my books that BDSM is not what happens in a vacuum at a club. My characters have families, jobs, and lives outside the club that you will read about a lot. I’ve consulted with lots of people who live in this lifestyle, and I want to show their lifestyle isn’t some freakish sexual thing, but as meeting any number of needs in their lives. I was recently named the Best Bondage Writer of 2012 at bondageawards.com, so I think I have received their approval for how I portray the community.

There are four installments in the ongoing story of the Rescue Me series available now in three trade paperbacks and in four e-books, and they should be read in this order:

Masters at Arms
Nobody’s Angel
Nobody’s Hero
Nobody’s Perfect

If you like shorts that are primarily focused on sex or BDSM, this series may not appeal to you. (There’s hot sex–especially in Nobody’s Hero–and there are BDSM scenes, which doesn’t always involve titillation as readers of Nobody’s Perfect learned, But the sex and BDSM just aren’t the focus of the series. I want to show the journeys of these people’s stories toward love, acceptance, and healing.)

Sorry this was so long! (Did I mention that I write long? LOL)


Rescue Me Series
(These are not stand-alone novels and should be read in order)
Masters at Arms, the Introduction
(Book 1–FREE in eBook)
Published August 2011 
(final revision Nov. 30, 2012)
(approximately 58,000 words)Masters at Arms begins the journey of three men, each on a quest for honor, acceptance, and to ease his unspoken pain. Their paths cross at one of the darkest points in their lives. As they try to come to terms with the aftermath–forging an unbreakable bond–will they ever truly become masters of their own fates? Or would fate become masters of them? (Book One in the Rescue Me series.) 

Masters at Arms is now in trade paperback!
Combined with Nobody’s Angel,
currently available at CreateSpace or Amazon
($18.95 for both stories),
and coming soon to other booksellers.

The e-book version is FREE at:

(& some international Amazon sites)
Nobody’s Angel (Book 2Marc’s Story)
Published September 2011 (final revision Nov. 30, 2012)
(approximately 116,000 words)

When Marc rescued Angelina from an abusive Dom at his fetish club, he never imagined she’d upend his safe, controlled life. But his SAR partner, Luke, a widower, thinks Angelina has been sent to him by his dead wife. Marc knows only he can fulfill her sexual needs, but won’t hurt his friend. When the abusive Dom stalks her, she turns to Marc for help…and learns a submissive has power, too.  

Nobody’s Angel is now in trade paperback!
Combined with Masters at Arms,
currently available at CreateSpace and Amazon
($18.95 for both stories),
and coming soon to other booksellers.
Nobody’s Angel is available for FREE in e-book form at:
Nobody’s Hero (Book 3Adam’s Story)
Published December 2011 (final revision Nov. 30, 2012)
(approximately 139,000 words)

Retired Marine Adam Montague has survived many war zones—but can he survive the war Karla Paxton has declared on his heart? Karla fell in love with Adam at 16; nine years later, she’s determined to make 50-year-old Adam see her as a woman. But can she submit to his dominant personality? And will she be able to him to surrender to her and lay his ghosts to rest? (Rescue Me #3–not a standalone!)
Nobody’s Hero is now in trade paperback,
currently available at
CreateSpace and Amazon ($16.95),
and coming soon to other booksellers.

Nobody’s Hero is available
in e-book form for $3.99 at:
Nobody’s Perfect (Book 4Damián & Savi‘s Story)
Published September 2012 
(approximately 171,000 words)
Savannah escaped the abuse and degradation of a sadistic father made a safe life for herself and her daughter. When her father threatens their safety Savi runs to Damian for protection. A wounded warrior, Damian, uses BDSM to fight his own dragons, but has never forgotten sweet Savannah. Can a sensual sadist provide sexual healing for Savannah? Is love possible if they can’t open their hearts?
Nobody’s Perfect will be available in trade paperback
in late January 2013–being formatted now.
The e-book versions are available for $3.99 at:





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