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Welcome to Angel Payne for visiting with us today. Angel is here talking about her newsest re-release “Lords of Sin: Trade Winds”.

Angel, can you tell us a bit more about the story? 

I hope you all enjoy “Trade Winds,” which is another side of my writing style. It’s a sexier, hotter version of the I published in the 90’s. As you’ll soon be able to tell, I have quite a “thing” for dark and swarthy pirates! Hope you enjoy my adventure featuring Mast Stafford in all his gorgeous, swaggering glory!

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LORDS OF SIN: Hot, Sexy Slices of History, featuring different generations of the Staffords: alpha men who will make you melt!


The Moonstormer!
No two words can fill Golden Gaverly’s heart with more hatred—or terror. But none of the island legends of her youth have prepared her for this kind of a monster, who gives her chills of a much different kind with his powerful body, commanding presence, and heated touch. Suddenly, she’s aboard the man’s ship, with her life indebted to him. No matter how she resists, her senses and her soul are helpless to resist his pull—and the catastrophe that bedding him will surely bring.
Sea superstition or not, Mast Stafford is going to complete this voyage if it kills him. The fortune of a lifetime awaits him at journey’s end, meaning he can finally consummate his life’s dream. But this wild-eyed hellion, riding her way into his life with the dolphins on the waves, is no ordinary piece of cargo…and the fire she stirs in his blood is no ordinary blaze. Maybe she is a ruthless sea siren, but dying by her hand suddenly seems a small price to pay for burying his body inside hers.LOVE IS THE LAST THING
Through lands where voodoo legends clash with European power plays, where trust is earned with a pistol barrel and honor is a dagger in the back, Mast and Golden must learn to believe in a forgotten something called magic…trust in a forgotten power called love…listen to a forgotten whisper called the trade wind.

“Lash it, Dink.”

He made the deck shudder as he yanked open the hatch to his cabin. He closed the thing with a more violent whump, scattering the papers on his desk and rattling the glass in the lamps.

And making the woman on the bed jerk up.

Golden’s face widened then froze. Her teary topaz gaze ripped into his chest like a spiked flail. Half her elegant coiffure had tumbled free, now teasing her cleavage. The ribbon choker lay tangled beneath the mess, only one loop still intact. She looked small and sad in the ocean of satin that now billowed around her and the bunk.

“My lady,” he finally grated. “What the—” Planting his feet was useless. “Why the hell—” Lifting a stiff-fingered hand was even worse. “Damn it,” he muttered. “Damn it.”
He turned and rammed his forehead against a stair. You’ve never been a poet. This sure as hell won’t turn you into one.

That was the dismal reality here, wasn’t it? Damn it was about all he had at his disposal to encompass this aching frustration, this purgatory between honor and desire in which he was trapped. And aye, damn it that it was Wayland Gaverly’s god-blasted daughter who’d fastened the lock on the cage, then thrown away the bloody key. Damn it for her ingenious little mind in concocting this “dress up” scheme, and her entrancing body for carrying the strategy out so well.
Damn it to every lovely, resplendent inch of her.

He rolled his head and looked to her again, helpless against the pull of her beauty. If the key was gone, then the key was gone.
The shutters let in the last glow of the day, puddling her in soft amber light. For a moment, Mast swore she truly was a goddess. She was ethereal, lovely…adorable. Her gut-stopping, soul-stripping eyes glittered like a gold mine as she looked up to him in shock and even a little fear, but most of all, hurt.

“Is that all, Captain?”

The query was such a contrast to the hellion he knew, so quiet and potent, reaching to the last vestiges of control inside.
Before he knew what he was doing, he swooped and pulled her up next to him.

“Nay,” he growled lowly. “That’s not all.”

“I don’t want you to touch me.”

He ticked up one side of his mouth. “And I punish people for lying.”

“You’re an insensitive bastard.”

“So I’ve been told.”

She wriggled as he lowered his hands, playing them across the small of her back, molding her against him. She fit him so perfectly. She felt so damn good.

“Don’t.” She tried to pummel his shoulders. He increased the pressure of his hold. “Oh!” she gasped. “D-don’t…”

“Your voice is weak as day-old soup.” He started gathering the fabric in his hands, shifting it back and forth against her backside and upper thighs. Beneath his touch, her muscles quivered. He increased the friction. “Are you sure you mean that, my lady?”

“N-no. I mean yes. Oh, my stars…”

He curled his hands beneath her buttocks, rubbing her there before venturing deeper, toward the beckoning grotto where her darkest desires lay.

“Isn’t this what you wanted, sweeting?” he said it in a rough, demanding breath at her ear. “Wasn’t this the result you were seeking?”

“I—I don’t know—”

“Of course you do. Answer me. This is just what you hoped for, wasn’t it?”

“Ahhh!” She cried it as he tenderly bit the edge of her ear. Her head lifted and she pressed her own lips to him, nipping the column of his neck. His whole body pulsed in awakening. He battled to slow down the tsunami that surged his veins, breathing in and out against her hair. She smelled like sunshine and pomegranates…and something else. Something new. Tangy. Musky.

She’d started to drip for him.


Tsunami, please say hello to hurricane.

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