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The world’s best-stocked toy drawer can only take a gal so far. Bored with her current assortment of vibrating, plastic pieces, building inspector Sam Wallace decides to add a new sex toy to her collection: Kevin Mazze. The sexy Italian is more than happy to help her live out her long-held sexual fantasies, and trusting him with her body is easy. Trusting him with her heart, however, is not… especially when he commits an unforgiveable sin.


Myrtle Beach developer Kevin Mazze is one of the good guys. He’s spent his life always doing the right things and making those around him happy. When he meets the woman of his dreams, at the worst possible time, he finds himself making bad choices in the name of good and crossing lines he never thought he would… while praying she never finds out.




Between dinner and the ride home, Sam’s foot had been down for a while, so the swelling and throbbing had gotten worse.

Catching her wince as he set her on the couch, Kevin said, “You get settled here. I’ll get you an ice pack and pillow to prop up your leg. Where can I find one?”

She rested her head against the arm of the sofa and stretched out, hating herself for being a wimp. But the ibuprofen quit working hours ago and she really hurt. She smiled at the man hovering over her with concern marring his handsome face. She wasn’t accustomed to letting anyone take care of her, but she liked knowing someone cared.

“There’s a bag of frozen peas in the freezer that’ll work well. I keep spare pillows and blankets in the bottom drawer of my dresser. You can grab one of those.”

“I’m sure you’re not used to letting anyone take care of you. Thanks for allowing me to do this.” He pressed a kiss to her forehead and walked away.

She ran her fingers over her forehead like she could capture the kiss and hold it in place. His lips had been as soft as she suspected, and she couldn’t wait for a real kiss. Just as she’d imagined last night—


As his footsteps disappeared into her bedroom, panic seized her. She’d gotten a new dresser when she moved into this house and this one only had one bottom drawer. She also had a hall closet now, so she moved the blankets and pillows to the closet and used the bottom dresser drawer for her toys.

“Kevin,” she yelled, scrambling off the couch and landing on her ass with a thud. “Kevin, stop.” She used the coffee table to get to her foot and hopped around the end table. She grabbed the back of the rocking chair, which was not the least bit helpful, then bunny-hopped down the hallway. She wanted to yell again, but was afraid of waking Michy. However, if she didn’t yell, Kevin would—

She rounded the bedroom door as the bottom drawer slid open for the full reveal.

The rhetorical question she asked on the boardwalk had been answered. The day could get more embarrassing; her mortification was complete.

The wheels of time ground to a screeching halt… stood still for several heartbeats… then, one cog at a time, began to turn in slow motion. His eyes widened in surprise at not finding a pillow and blanket as expected, but a mass profusion of eroticism that would make a seasoned hooker blush. He blinked once, then twice as his nostrils flared and his chest rose and fell with sharp, heavy breaths. His head swiveled toward her, and he trained nearly black eyes on her face.

Her cheeks flamed, and she wanted to turn and flee from the room as fast as her hop-along gait would allow, but she was locked in place, held captive by his intense stare. Besides, even if she could escape, where would she go? Running back to the couch wouldn’t undo any of this or magically make him forget what he saw.

She shifted her weight, trying to ease the pressure on her heel, but he must’ve thought she was preparing to bolt because he said, “Don’t move.”

His command, delivered in a rough, raspy voice, made her good leg go weak, and she grabbed hold of the waist-high dresser for balance.

“These are things your friend sells?”

She swallowed again and went for a joke, hoping to ease a little of the tension. “I’m a quality control tester. If I give a good rating, she sells it. If not…” She shrugged and glanced at the leather slapper in his hand.

“Can I assume you only keep the good stuff, or…” He picked up the Long Dong and flipped his eyes to her. “Does the bad stuff settle to the bottom while your favorites stay on top?”

She flicked her attention to the paddle and chewed her bottom lip. “Something like that.”

He replaced the vibrator and traced a pattern in the wood-grain paddle, as she’d done the night before. She tried to settle her choppy breathing by drawing in deep, uneven breaths, but it was a losing battle.

“What’s your favorite?”

She glanced at the Double Dong and shook her head. Oh, hell no. It was bad enough he learned she had a whole drawer full of this stuff; no way would she share her deepest secrets. She didn’t need to vocalize anything, however. Her eyes had given her away.

He picked up the double dildo and his eyebrows arched dramatically. His throat pumped a few times before he cleared it and said, “Can you take this whole thing, sugar?”

She pressed her lips together and willed her body not to betray her further.

“I’m taking your silence as a yes. Interesting…”

She pressed her palms against the dresser, preparing to push into an upright position. In a quick, fluid motion, Kevin had the paddle in his hand, the bedroom door shut, and stood next to her, blocking her path.

“Your eyes went to this paddle a half dozen times.” He ran his hand along the smooth, beveled edge. “I don’t know anything about Cheri’s toys, but I do know wood. This nice, cherry paddle wasn’t mass-produced. Where’d you get it?”

“A show in Charlotte.”

His eyes narrowed and his mouth worked while he chewed the inside of his cheek. He stepped closer and pressed his body against her side. “You enjoy being spanked?”

She turned her head to hide her face and shrugged. “I don’t know.”

“Look at me.”

His voice was sharp and commanding, and he said nothing else while waiting for her to follow his directive. She looked back to him, but his dark eyes seemed to bore straight into her soul and she couldn’t maintain eye contact.

“What do you mean you don’t know?

Jesus, would the horror never end? He’d found her stash, identified her favorite toy, and figured out the paddle didn’t come from Cheri’s, which meant she’d gone out of her way to buy that specific implement—which would make him believe she enjoyed being spanked. But the truth was she didn’t know. She’d never been spanked by anyone but herself.

Could one get any more pathetic?

Refusing to bare her soul any further, she pushed off the dresser and away from him.

Before she could open the door, his arm shot out and wrapped around the front of her waist, locking her in place to prevent an escape while supporting her weight so she didn’t put pressure on her foot. “Did your husband use these toys on you?’

Her harsh laugh was answer enough.

He titled his head and studied her closely. “Has anyone ever spanked you?”

When she didn’t answer, he gave her a quick, sharp swat with the paddle. It didn’t hurt, but shocked her, making her gasp and glare simultaneously. His tone was low and authoritative, a different person than the easy-going, playful man she spent the afternoon with.

“Answer me or you’ll get another.”

Well now, wasn’t this an interesting conundrum? If she didn’t answer, he’d spank her, which was exactly what she wanted. A win-win-win.

The corner of his mouth notched up. “That’s what I thought.”

“Oh, you’re a mind reader now?” Reflexes and a sense of preservation had her fighting, even though she didn’t really want to go anywhere. Her muscles contracted as her internal struggle persisted.

His chin dipped and he looked through the fringe of his lashes with soft, understanding eyes. “I have a friend who owns a kink club. I did some work for him and spent a fair amount of time at the club with him and his wife.” He lifted a shoulder casually. “I’ve picked up a few things over the years.”

He maneuvered his body behind hers, pressed his hands to the sides of her hips, and positioned her at the end of the dresser. Leaning over her back, he whispered in her ear, “Palms on the dresser, ass up and out. Let’s find out how much you enjoy this.”


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Alannah believes there’s nothing more magical than finding the other half of your soul, experiencing fiery passion, and knowing you’ve found happily-ever-after.

She loves going to work each day (in sweats and a T-shirt) and writing about hot heroes and feisty heroines who torment each other in the most delicious ways before finding their happy ending.

She lives in the coastal region of North Carolina with her husband, who also happens to be her best friend and biggest fan. They have two sons, a dog, two cats, and an outrageous number of ducks and geese that inhabit the pond on their farm.

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