From Ann Harrison:

Blurb: To ward off his sexual frustration, Red Douglas rides his motorbike up the coastal highway pushing the limits of speed and endurance. 

When he crashes at the front door of local witch, Rhian Gallagher, she takes it as a sign the Fates have listened to her plea to end the man drought in her life. Determined to take the shy scientist under her wing and into her bed as soon as possible, Rhian patches him up after his accident.
Will the explosive sex between them be enough to convince Red his scientific view of the world can be reconciled with Rhian’s witchcraft?— 

Red lay stunned on the hot road. He turned his head from the glaring sun that pounded down on him and winced at the pain that raced through his body. Fucking great, I go for a ride to starve off the lack of sex and end up busted ass instead. Where is the justice in that?
A cool soft hand wiped his brow and Red struggled to open his eyes. Someone had removed his helmet and everything was foggy without the special visor.  He did a quick mental check of painful spots. His head wasn’t one of them thankfully but his ass was on fire from the contact with the road and his elbow screamed in pain.
“Shush now, just relax. Don’t struggle so, you are safe with me.”
Red tried his best to relax under the soft hum of her voice and the strange sensation of floating overcame him. His blood pressure was probably through the roof. He debated whether it was all a dream, in which case he could roll over and stay where he was to sleep it off. The pain racking his body made him more than aware that it was not the case and he had to move or risk getting run over when another vehicle came this way. He sighed and tried to open his eyes again. Without his glasses or his made to order helmet visor, he struggled to see clearly. The foggy vision that leaned over him appeared to be smiling. Her blond hair fell over her shoulders, cascading down to tickle his jaw, distracting him momentarily from the pain. The smell of fresh flowers and honey filled his brain and sent his body into overdrive.
Willing himself to stay calm he struggled to lift himself up on his arms.
“Arrgh.” Red fell back and rolled to one side, clutching his injured arm with his good hand. His breath came in short pants as he tried to control the pain that was washing over him.
“Let me see that.” The vision reached out and ran her fingers lightly down from his shoulder to his fingertips. She prodded around his elbow, moving his hand at the same time, ignoring his groans of pain. “It doesn’t appear to be broken, possibly a bad sprain though I’m thinking.” The sound of her voice washed over him and brought back memories that had lain buried in his past. “Would you be liking for me to heal this for you?” she asked, a faint Irish lilt to her voice, holding his hand in hers.
“Are you a doctor?” His voice was rugged even to his ears and he wished he could sound a bit more enthusiastic but the pain overrode any niceties he should have used.

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