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First of all, THANK YOU so much, Desiree, for inviting me here. I feel a little in awe. I SO SO love the Erector Set books. I can’t believe you keep coming up with such cool alpha titles for them, too.

Can’t wait to answer some questions that you’ve created for our chat today!

How did you start writing erotic romance and do you feel it’s changed your life in any way?

It’s changed my life in EVERY way. I guess I’ve had this understanding about my “kinky side” for a very long time…since I was in my early teens…and have always been taught that good girls don’t explore this side of themselves; that you must be a bad person, “broken” in some way to enjoy your sensual self, let alone your submissive self.

To have found the dynamic of Domination and submission, and now able to explore it with the man I love, has been like this huge piece of myself locking into place. I actually really feel more whole, if you will. And now, the privilege to write about it as well…it’s such a blessing. I’m so grateful, each and every day.

What do you think is the most important element in erotic romance?

Characters. NOT sex. Creating people to populate your stories who ring real and true to you first as a writer, then being steadfast to them, and knowing that their truths will be carried through in your words. If a writer brings that to their work, then for me as a reader, the work I’m reading becomes so much more than a salacious read. It becomes magic. I work extremely hard to honor my characters, and to be as true to them as I possibly can be.

How do you develop your characters and which comes first, characters or plot?

It’s always the characters first. After I get a pretty good handle of who they are and where they’re going to need to go on their journey with each other, THEN I start to mold plot points and “outside” conflicts that are going to make things more twisted and “interesting” for what they are going through internally with each other. *Wicked grin.* I DO soooo love tormenting my characters. Sssshhh; don’t say that too loud…I don’t want Sage and Garrett knowing I had a GOOD time putting them through all that sh** in “Saved By His Submissive.”

How do you see the market continuing to evolve for erotic romance?

It will evolve with the writers committing themselves to creating quality fiction, first and foremost. I think the days of stringing together sex scenes with zilch plot are going to fade fast. Readers want a bit more meat!

I’m hoping that series books also continue to be hot. Like a great television series that makes you want more while giving you plenty of the characters you already love, it’s quite addicting! For instance, I am SO on edge, waiting for the next books from Kallypso Masters, Shayla Black (Xander!! Xxxaannnndeeerrrr!), Jenna Jacob, and YES, Ms. Holt…YOU TOO!

What I’d LOVE to do is have the right opportunity for a few creative crossovers, as well. Naturally, the timing and the setting would have to be right—but damn, would I SO love to see Kally’s Master Adam sit down with Franz, the Commanding Officer of my guys from the W.I.L.D. Boys series. And do NOT think I haven’t had fantasies of Marc and Dante cooking a sumptuous Italian dinner for Angela and Celina before hauling their cute asses off to the neighborhood play room…hee hee!

As you can see, I’m full of a lot of ideas. I think the future is as good as we are willing to make it. That is going to take dedication to our craft and commitment to making our art better.

What do you enjoy about being an author and why?

What DON’T I enjoy about it…besides the sleepless nights…LOL!! It’s a magnificent journey. To pull a story out of your heart, and to hear that it resonates with someone else in the same way…damn, there are few feelings more amazing to me. I think words are magical in that way. They stir things in us that connects us, that remind us of our humanity, our truths. Like music. Like a beautiful painting. That I’ve been given the opportunity to participate in this dance just never ceases to floor me. I am humble.

Saved by His Submissive by Angel PayneSAVED BY HIS SUBMISSIVE

The W.I.L.D. Boys of Special Forces, Book One
By: Angel Payne
Release: February 26, 2013

Make way for the Warriors Intense in Love & Domination—the W.I.L.D. Boys of Special Forces!

These eight soldiers signed up for the Alpha Squad in more ways than one. They fight for their country with every drop of passion in their bodies, and they fight for their women even harder: with every ounce of commitment in their soul.

Book One: GARRETT: The Fire Dom

Garrett Hawkins is the most valuable asset to his Special Forces unit-because frankly, the guy doesn’t care if he lives or dies anymore. Since the love of his life, Sage Weston, was kidnapped and killed with her medical unit a year ago, Garrett has turned the shell of his soul into the impenetrable armor of a finely-tuned fighting machine. Being the first tapped for the unit’s craziest missions is just fine by him. The less time for memories, and the agony they carve into his soul, the better.

It’s a plan that works-until one night, deep in the jungles of Thailand, Garrett’s world is upended when memories become reality. The unit is called to rescue a group of kidnapped aid workers, only the head count on the retrieval is unexpectedly doubled. Sage and her teammate, believed dead, are very much alive. Only now that Sage is back in his arms, Garrett doesn’t know what to do. He has changed in dramatic and daunting ways, especially in the darker tastes of his passion. If he touches Sage again, he’ll want to claim her, restrain her…dominate her.

Is Sage’s love strong enough to let Garrett back in not only as her fiancé, but her Dominant? Can she trust that visiting the new shadows of his life will lead her to ecstasy and not ruin? Or can it be that Garrett’s discipline is exactly what her soul needs to find its way back to life-and love-once again?

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Author Bio:

Well, hello there! My name is Angel, and I’m so happy to meet you.

Like many, I’ve had a journey to get here.

I’ve loved reading all my life, and have been writing nearly that long, too. I think it started when I penned an 80-page novel about a time-traveling family for a 5th-grade school project. You could say I was hooked. In middle school, I moved to the hardcore stuff: the paragraph-at-a-time “swap-stories” with all my besties. (C’mon…don’t lie…you remember those too!) Needless to say, the stories featured lots of French kissing, mindless groping and angsty drama – but I knew I’d found a niche when I was invited to participate in several more swap-stories on campus.

Some years, various entertainment writing gigs and a half-dozen historical romances later, I discovered the world of erotica – and home. (Not to mention a great place for all that angst I never gave up.) I love this genre – change that to love this genre – and hope my stories speak to your heart as well as your blood pressure, as well as your courage to explore new things and express your truth in beautiful new ways.

And where do I do all this? Well, if you ask my hubz, he’d likely say “on another planet,” especially if I’m in story-brewing mode! The rest of the time, I live in Southern California with him and our gorgeous child, where I’m abnormally interested in travel, coffee, wine, shoes, super heroes, fetish wear, ridiculous pop culture trends – but most of all, hearing from fellow readers and erotica lovers like you!

Remember: play safe, love completely and never, ever be ashamed to live your truth.

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