Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. This is a special holiday for me for two reasons. My wonderful beloved late husband and I renewed our vows fifteen years ago on Valentine;s Day. It was his idea (what a guy, right?). I wore a white skirt and red blouse, and he wore a red tie with his suit and white shirt. He bought roses for me at a nearby florist shop and we went to the county courthouse where they were having a special Valentine’s Day wedding celebration. The judge who was doing this had a photographer taking pictures and I have the picture of us kissing after the ceremony. Then he took me out for a very romantic late lunch and afterwards we…well, now, is that really your business? LOL!

Valentine’s Day is also special because it marked my first erotic release, Cupid’s Shaft, a Quickie with Ellora’s Cave. It’s still one of my favorites because I love where Jessie gives Riley his Valentine’s kiss. I’m giving you a little taste here but be sure to comment because one lucky person will win a copy of this very hot Valentine’s story.

Dumped by her shallow lover for a leggy blonde, Jessie Rawlins was anticipating a lonely, depressing Valentine’s Day in her vacation cabin. Then a snowstorm dropped hot, sexy hunk Riley Malone on her doorstep. Suddenly the night took on a whole new meaning as he led her on the sexual adventure of her life.

Riley Malone thought for sure he was having a heart attack. For one thing, he should be back in Florida where it was warm, not up here in the godforsaken wilds of Maine. But the fight with his business partner in the hotel in Boston had been the final straw in a rapidly disintegrating relationship. He’d offered to sell out his share and Curt had jumped at it. Good riddance. He could start another construction company. Building was going on in all fifty states.
Then, of course, there was Veronica the bitch. Too bad that she bought tickets for a Valentine cruise without telling him. When he told her he couldn’t get back in time to make it, she blistered the telephone line with a string of curses that would have made a longshoreman blush and hung up on him. Okay. Good riddance to her, too. He was tired of her selfish whining and demanding. And it would have been nice if just once in bed she’d asked him what he wanted. Veronica definitely was focused on her own pleasure, on her own terms, at times barely tolerating some of the things he wanted to do.
So he got in the damn SUV he’d rented at the airport and started driving. Just heading north. He had no idea how he even got where he was. And then the damn truck broke down in the middle of the damn snowstorm. Hiking to the only light he could see about killed him and the last thing he expected to see was a naked woman—a mouthwatering naked woman, with a slick, hairless pussy—pleasuring herself in front of a mirror.
He banged on the window again. If she didn’t open the door pretty soon, he’d freeze his damn balls off and then it wouldn’t matter who he went to bed with.
He watched her pull on a robe—too bad, she was an eyeful—and then pick up the fireplace poker. Jesus, was she going to brain him with it? As she walked slowly toward the door he stamped his feet and banged his hands together to stimulate circulation.
Finally the door creaked open and she eyed him through a narrow opening.
“What do you want?”
“For one thing I want to get out of this damn snowstorm before I turn into an ice statue. I promise not to rape or kill you if you just let me go stand in front of the fireplace.”
She frowned at him.
Come on, lady.Dont take all day to make up your mind.
“A-All right. You can come in.” She opened the door wide enough for him to step inside.
“Thank you.” His throat felt frozen. “You’re an angel of mercy.” He pushed past her and planted himself immediately in front of the fireplace. Pulling off his jacket and gloves, he held his hands out to the warmth. “God, I was beginning to think I’d never get warm again.”
“What are you doing in this storm?” She kept her distance, still holding the poker.
“That’s a long, unpleasant story, which I won’t bore you with.”
“You have to be out of your mind to go out driving in weather like this, Mr…Mr…”
“Riley Morgan.” He glanced at her over his shoulder. “And I swear you can put the poker down. I’m too cold to do anything but shiver.”

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