Who am I talking about? The fabulous Princess, Allie Standifer Look what’s jusyt out from her shiny palace. Two fabulous weekend reads

Getting Lucky
Erotic Escapes, Book Five

Calder loves Galway, but one local seems determined to drive her crazy. Every female cat shifter worth her whiskers knows it’s the chase that leads to the best mates. But Calder’s not certain she wants to be caught.

Roark’s been told love is grand, love is all a man needs to find happiness. Personally he’d rather live his immortal life as a pleasure-seeking, trouble-stirring leprechaun. He’s doing just that until fate steps in and everything changes.

Calder and Roark are helpless to the desires of their hearts and the passionate needs of their bodies. Because once a male fae and a female lion shifter sense their mates, they can’t keep their hands, or paws, off each other. Now neither can wait to get lucky in Galway.

The Dryad in Her Pool

Drunk on Canadian tree sap, Reece Oak accidentally ends up in Quinn’s pool. The next morning proves that—drunk or not—this male dryad has just the right stuff to claim his mate…if he can get her to stop arguing with him long enough to listen.

Determined to show his family and friends his life is fine without an immortal mate, Reece Oak drowns his sorrows in the finest Canadian tree sap a dryad can find. The next morning, he wakes up in a strange bed…face to face with his mate.

Quinn’s seen a lot of weird things in her life, but a drunk dryad singing commercial jingles while spouting words of love and devotion takes the cake. Before she can call the men in the white coats, Reece sets out to prove his feelings are as real as his magic.