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Howdy, Ms. Desiree!

Thanks for having me… or us… today. The boys from Ronch Ranch are busting out with Christmas cheer. They have fallen hard for Olivia and are planning a special Texas Christmas celebration. But you know men. They just can’t agree on what to give the special girl in their lives. Let’s listen in and see if we can help them make a decision.

Ronch Resort Ranch is a very special dude Ranch in Texas. Olivia Vance thought the best part of her dude ranch vacation was going to be the Texas scenery. Boy was she wrong. Literally falling off a bus and into the arms of Ray Ronch flames fantasies involving him and several of his hunky ranch hands.

Ray Ronch likes being in charge, in the bedroom and on his ranch. After one night of having Olivia along with his long time lover, James, he’s sure they all have something special together. But an unscrupulous IRS agent is taking his ranch. He’s got nothing to offer her except the ability to fulfill her fantasy of being with four men.

Ray’s given Olivia a wonderful gift in helping her realize her fantasies, but she really wants James and Ray. Will she find the courage to take on the IRS, the west, and have her cowboys for keeps?

Nothing’s sexier than a man in Wranglers…except maybe four men in Wranglers!

So… let’s hear from James and Ray.

James paced to the end of the bed and plopped down. “I swear I’d buy her the moon if I knew how.  But, since my wallet is little to light for that, I thought I’d make her something.”

Ray continued to shave. The bathroom mirror was steamed up so much he could hardly make out the lines of James’ body. “That’s sweet, James. But, as far as I know, you don’t have any talent for making things. Unless I’ve missed something.”

“I’ve got talent,” James argued and stood to lean against the door frame.

 Ray could now see his friend and lover. He had at grin at the concerned expression on his face.  Ray rinsed the blade and wiped the remnants of his shave cream from his neck and cheeks. “Ray, I know you have talent. And loads of it. That mouth of yours…”

James gave him a light punch to the shoulder. “I mean I can carve. A little anyway. I can’t give her something big and expensive like you’re going to. I thought I’d carve something for her. More personal that way.” He looked down. “Maybe even write her some poetry or something.”

Ray smiled. “Poetry? I’d love to hear that. You going to read it to her?” He walked past James and brushed against him. “What makes you think I’m buying her something expensive?’

“I would if I could.” James followed him back into the bedroom. “So I reckon you will.”

“Well. You’re wrong.” Ray pulled on his shirt. “How about this. You do your carving and write her those pretty words and we’ll see what she likes best.”

James frowned and crossed his arms. “Fine. I’ll take her out to the overlook and have a picnic too. Girls like that romantic stuff. You can’t compete with that shit with a store bought gift.”

“Who said I was going to any store?” Ray buttoned and tucked his shirt in. “I had her gift special made too. Only I didn’t know it at the time.”

“What the heck, Ray?”

“I’m giving her that new black and white filly. The woman cried like a baby when she was born. That way Olivia will have horse she can raise up to be her own. Some to make her feel like a real part of this ranch.”

James sat back on the bed. “I’ll be dammed.”

“So you make that picnic for the three of us out there. Then we’ll give her what she really wants.” Ray winked and walked of his room leaving James with a crooked grin and an idea.

Whoa…I may have to write that scene and tuck in the next book in the Triple R series! So which would prefer from your lover? Something special from the heart or a fancy store bought gift, electronics, jewelry? Tell us about a special gift you’ve received and have a chance at a free ebook–something homemade by me for Christmas!

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