Get the pun? The real biker shirt would say “If you can read this, the bitch fell off.” The second seat on motorcycles is (in biker speak) the bitch seat. Part of me cringes at the sexiest attitude. Yet I couldn’t not write this book…maybe because it’s a little taboo. When I conceived Four Bikers & A Witch, book 3 in the Warrior’s Craft series, I seriously paused and wondered if it was wrong, right or crazy. Because I was intrigued, I knew I had to write it. Bikers fighting zombies with the help of a witch! Biker culture, real biker culture, is very male dominated and rough. (Obviously, this is not all biker groups or people who ride.) Women who are in this culture are drawn to the tough men. In erotic romance, we often deal with heroines who want something that society says is wrong. Sexual submission, bondage fantasies, or the baddest of bad boys etc… So what if you were raised in this biker culture? That’s what sparked the story.

Blurb: Valerie grew up in the Vegas biker culture, seeing the tempting and dark side. Now a nurse, she can’t escape her past. Axle and Rebel Herth were kicked out of the biker gang as teens and, along with their boyfriends, run a motorcycle shop. They’ve wanted Val for years, but she won’t date anyone in the biker world. They need her witch talents to help them fight the zombies that are plaguing Vegas. Val’s best with potions but the sex spell intrigues her. She learns the ropes of fighting zombies, and rides motorcycles like a pro as her potion brews, but can she let her sexual guard down with the guys? Rough sex and dirty talk with four men who can easily overpower her is a huge turn on! How far will she go now that she’s hooked on these bikers fighting for good? Read an Excerpt: Check out the whole series: What I love about this series is that I can dip into a group of people or a different city and play! Cowboys, Bikers, and coming soon: GIs! Geeks! Inkers! Is there some group of men you’d like to see fighting for good and falling for a witch? Check out everything and find me at