No one writes sexy westerns better than Cerise Deland. Check this out. It’s great bedtime reading.
I Caught the Sheriff
There’s a new sheriff in town with a strong need to show folks who’s boss. But rancher Lex Coltrane has steered things his way too long to let the sassy redhead with the curvy bod run wild. He figures he’d better catch the luscious sheriff and lay down the law.

Lana jumps at the chance to get Lex into her bed and show him what’s really beneath her badge. Show him how she wants him—tough, tender, attentive. Show him how she needs him— fierce, eager and dominant.

Lana knows Lex is always in charge in bed. But who will be in charge out of it?


On a one-hundred-degree Fourth of July in south Texas, Lex Coltrane gazed out upon his two burning problems. One stood across the street glaring back at him. He was the crusty old dude who’

d bought the ranch down the road a piece and hogged all the water in High Maria Creek. The other headed toward Lex on a horse. She was a long, tall drink of cool tea by the name of “Red” Foster, the newly appointed local sheriff, who filled out a pair of j

eans like she’d been born in them and who, if she did not help him soon with his neighbor, needed a whipping something bad.

“And I am just the man to give it to you, too,” Lex murmured as he watched her ride past, waving to the Fourth of July crowd like a

prize filly at a beauty pageant.

“Nice piece of horseflesh.” Lex’s buddy Zack Christianson nodded toward the redhead who sat her quarter horse as regal as the barrel-racing queen she had been at fifteen. “She looks even better than when she was the captain

 of the cheerleading squad. That was more than ten years ago. How does she do that?”

“She’s used to the saddle, Zack.”

The way her thighs hug that mount, she’s an expert at controlling animals. Too bad she has failed to ride herd on my new idiot neighbor.


“Working as a deputy down in Zapata County, she patrolled the Rio Grande border every day on horseback.” Lex knew because he sat on the county council that had reviewed her resume.

Zack cocked a brow. “She could patrol me every day and I’d be just fine abo

ut it.”

“Dream on, man.”

I do.

 Shifting to calm his cock, Lex watched her pass and kept his eyes glued to her firm little ass. “Word around town is she’s not looking for a man to keep her bed warm at night.”

Zack pushed his white Stetson up his forehead an

d grinned. “Hell, that’s fine by me. I just want a taste of that sugar, not an all-night meal.”

“Your divorce has got you down, Zack. Not good to limit your time with a woman before you’ve even talked to her. Come on,” Lex urged his friend, “let me buy you

 a beer over at the fairgrounds. I want to take a look at a few of the entries in the 4-H competition.”

“I never refuse the offer of a beer and I’m always looking for good stock.” Zack fell in step beside Lex as they strode through town toward the pens on

the fairgrounds.

The crowds were thick, and it just so happened that Lex and Zack kept pace right behind the end of the parade. This, Lex noted with a twist of his lips, allowed him a continuing view of the rear end of the Bandera County Sheriff’s Posse an

d the tight butt of their new boss lady.

But Ted Plumber stepped right in front of him and obstructed his vision.

“Hey, hey, hey, Red!” he called to her above the din of the brass band and the happy crowd. “Hey, baby!”

“Drunk at eleven in the morning?” Zac

k winced. “Hell, Ted’s getting worse every day.”

Lex saw him reach up to pull the sexy sheriff from her saddle. “Oh, brother. Look out now. She won’t stand for that.”

Zack growled. “She shouldn’t either. The long arm of the law doesn’t want to be cuddled.”

“Or manhandled. Come on.” Lex thumped his buddy on the shoulder and plowed his way through the crowd to get to Lana Foster.

He and Zack got to her side just as their very drunk pal was tugging at her long, white shirt sleeve.

“Sir!” She leaned over in the

 saddle to frown at the man who plucked at her clothes. “Take your hands off me.”

“Lana! Baby!” Ted grinned like a slobbering kid. “Come on down here, girl, and gimme a big smacker. Right…” He tapped his puckered lips. “Here.”

“Sir, I am very sorry,” she t

old him in a no-nonsense tone, “but please remove your hands from me.”

“Aw. You remember me! Ted! From high school! Math class. You were so good.” He swept his wide-brimmed cowboy hat from his head in a gentleman’s gesture of respect. “A kiss. Let’s get to


“Ted!” Lex looped an arm under Ted’s while Zack took the man’s other arm. “What say we take you home?”

“No! Party’s jush getting started, Lex. Lemme go.” He tugged to get loose.

Lex held him tighter. “You are making a scene here, Ted. Time to go.”

In a wrench that broke him free of Lex and Zack, Ted lurched toward Lana Foster who had, in the meantime, climbed down from her horse.

This time when Ted went to grab her, he got her around the neck.

She yelped, but braced her legs and in a lightning move,

 shrugged and threw the man off her back.


 Ted was on the dusty ground, scrambling up, dirty and mad as a wet hen.