This October 30, I’ll be saying goodbye to one of my favorite characters. Dana Arthur and her two lovers/bosses, Simon Dirk and Ethan Cowell, first invaded my brain in TRAINING THE RECEPTIONIST. They heated things up even more in RESTRAINING THE RECEPTIONIST. They took a time out for a vacation in THANKING THE RECEPTIONIST, a short free read. And now it’s time for UNLEASHING THE RECEPTIONIST. And that will be that. After one last raunchy, sexy, sassy visit to the outrageous firm of Cowell & Dirk in “Low-Life, Long Island, I’ll be moving on to other series, other characters, other settings.

I’m both happy and sad about this. I’ve had a lot of fun writing these characters and I’m going to miss them. Dana the Receptionist is a sassy, smart-alecky survivor who has learned to embrace her sensual side under the tutelage of Simon Dirk. Both Simon and Dana acknowledge the mastery of Ethan Cowell, the charismatic senior partner and mystery man. The interplay between them is fascinating to write; so is Ethan’s imagination. After three books, I feel I know these characters so well. I think they’ll always be with me.

But every good thing must come to an end. I feel I would be doing them wrong if I dragged their story out too long. I enjoyed resolving things for these characters, revealing secrets and letting them reach their ultimate happy ending on all levels. But I didn’t realize how tough it was going to be to write the last sentence and know … that’s it.

Then again, isn’t that the great thing about books? All you have to do is open them up and there are your beloved characters again. There’s that familiar world, just waiting for you. So it may be goodbye for now … but not forever. Dana, Simon and Ethan, we’ll meet again!

You can tie a girl up, but you can’t keep her down…

…the Receptionist, Book 3

In the year since Dana joined Ethan and Simon’s firm, the three of them have found the perfect balance of power and pleasure in their three-way, work/play relationship. Not only that, but it’s been the firm’s most successful year financially.

Except something is missing. Her men won’t tell her anything about their past. How they met, or how they formed such an unconventional business and personal partnership. Until they start sharing their secrets, Dana fears she’ll always be the odd girl out.

Everything changes when a vengeful former partner resurfaces. Suddenly, both the business and their idyllic relationship are under siege. With a tax auditor watching their every move, the three must be on their best behavior.

Never one to back down from a challenge, Dana seizes the chance to prove herself—and finally win her sexy bosses’ full trust and confidence. Now the race is on to root the evil nemesis out of their lives once and for all—before her dream relationship cracks under the pressure. 

Product Warnings

Contains hot three-way M/F/M sex, highly inappropriate office behavior, a shocking secret, a kinky accountant and some really bad girl-on-girl porno reenactments.



On a typical work day, if I’m chained to my desk it’s with silk cords and for one purpose only: because it leads to screaming orgasms for me and my two delectable bosses, Simon and Ethan.

With one exception. Business plan time.

During business plan, I’m chained to the desk in the usual, strictly metaphorical way. You know, working. Needless to say, it’s not my favorite time of year. It’s tough to spend all day and half the night shut up inside an office with two sexy gods when neither has touched you once. But maybe that’s just me. Not every receptionist has been trained to receive pleasure as well as incoming calls.

“Dana,” said Ethan, jolting me from my sexually frustrated daze. “Can you put another pot of coffee on, luv? And then I’ll need the P & L’s again.”

I hid a sigh as I trudged to the kitchenette. “Coming up.”

At least the profit and loss statements were good. Cowell & Dirk had had a very satisfactory year. Especially if you asked the only actual employee, me. I had experienced a blissfully high level of job satisfaction since Simon had hired and trained me.

“Mu shu pork okay?” called Simon. “I’m ordering from Great Wok.”

Now that was more like it. My mood brightened as I put on the coffee and gathered up the files. I’d do anything for my bosses, we all knew that. But I certainly preferred some duties to others.

“Food’s on its way,” said Simon when I returned with the coffee pot. “If I could only tear Ethan away from that spreadsheet.” He shot me a green-eyed pirate wink. His hair was a tousled black mess, but I loved my Simon in all his moods.

I gave him a questioning glance, wanting to make sure I’d interpreted correctly. Simon and Ethan had a strange bond, one I couldn’t quite figure out even though I was closer to them than anyone. They seemed to read each other without words. Simon gave me a go-ahead cock of his head. With his wrinkled white shirt open at the neck, he looked half-drunk, as if he’d been swilling expensive brandy all night instead of crunching numbers.

“Maybe we need to spread something else in front of him,” I suggested. I put down the files and the coffee and prowled toward Ethan, who barely looked up from his swivel chair. He wore his reading glasses, his grizzled blond head bent over the desk. I challenge you to find anyone hotter than a sexual beast like Ethan with a pair of wire rims perched on his much-broken nose.

I knew from the tilt of his head that he was tracking my approach. Ethan was like a wild animal picking up scents, especially the scent of eager Dana. His nostrils flared as I came close to the desk.

“We wouldn’t want our Senior Partner to burn out. Occasional breaks are healthy. I’m sure that’s in the employee manual somewhere.” I circled behind him and trailed my finger across the back of his neck. He tensed. I felt the tendons go taut as elevator cables. “This poor man has been working far too hard. If we don’t get him to relax, his head might explode.” I ran my hand through his thick hair.

“Sounds dire,” Simon agreed. “Urgent, even.”

“Oh, yes, I’d say it’s an emergency.” I slid my other hand inside his shirt, under the T-shirt, where rough curls greeted my fingers. “There isn’t even time to call a doctor. We’ll have to do what we can all on our own.”

Ethan let out an amused growl. “Nice try, luv, but it won’t work. Can’t mix business plan with pleasure.”

I snorted. The three of us had been mixing business with pleasure for over a year now. “You’re so right, boss. I’m being bad, aren’t I?” I rubbed my nipples on the broad plain between his shoulder blades. Obedient little soldiers, they peaked right away from the heat of his body. Or maybe from the memory of all the things Ethan had done to them. “There’s probably something in the manual about this. In the punishment and correction section.”

“I’m warning you, Dana.” But I heard the heat in his voice. I knew the game was on.

I aimed a cat-who-ate-the-cream look at Simon, inviting him to join me. He rose to his feet and ambled toward me, taking off his belt. I shivered at the sight and instantly went wet. “Perhaps our lovely receptionist needs a refresher course in obedience,” he said with a frown. “Hands behind your back, Dana.”

“But, Simon, I’m just trying to relax him …”

“Hands behind your back.” His stern voice made heat shoot to my pussy. I straightened up and put my wrists together behind my back.

“It’s not her hands that are causing the trouble.” Ethan swiveled around so he faced me. “It’s her nipples.” He gave my chest a smoldering glare, which ignited little aching flames inside each breast. “They need to be taught a lesson.”

“Quite right,” said Simon.

Ethan flicked open the buttons of my blouse, pop pop pop, until it hung open. Underneath I wore their favorite kind of undergarment, a pushup teddy that barely covered my nipples. One quick move of Ethan’s hand and it didn’t cover them at all.

From behind me, Simon ran the leather belt through his hands. It made a rough, hissing sound like a snake sliding across gravel. “Keep your hands behind you, disobedient Dana. Nipples out.”