Hello everyone! Thank you for hosting Dare and I on your blog today, Desiree!

Today I’m sitting down with Darren “Dare” Shalvis, the hero from my latest release, DARE. This is a Contemporary Romance that I had a lot of fun writing. Not only because of Dare & Olivia’s relationship but because of the secondary characters who I think might just get their own stories.

I shift on the couch and face Dare sitting beside me.
Kacey:  Hello, Dare
He grabs my hand and smiles that gorgeous grin of his.
Dare: Hello, sweetheart. Good to see you.
Kacey: How have you been? 
Dare: Oh you know what it’s like, busy work schedule. The law firm keeps me pretty busy with cases.
Kacey: You’re a P.I., and work a lot of cases for Presley & Monroe. Do the cases ever seem open and shut to you?
Dare: Well, I was fairly confident in the Lombardi case, certain of the accused’s guilt. As you know, there was a surprise in that one that we never saw coming. But that’s part of the fun…never knowing from one case, one day to the next, what will happen.
Kacey: You met Olivia at the law firm, what was your first impression of her?
Dare: Oh, man. She was…is…smokin’ hot. I walked into the office that day, she was bent over the desk talking on the phone and writing something down. Geez, that long black skirt tight over her ass, black heels and stockings…thought I’d died and gone to heaven. Her long dark hair just flowed down her back. All men should be so lucky for such a sight when walking into a room.
Kacey: Thanks to her girlfriends, the two of you finally got to…reveal your feelings for one another. Of course, no relationship is easy and you ended up pissing those girls off. Are things okay with Candy, Jessica & Holly now?
Dare: Hell, Candy’s a ball-buster isn’t she? She still gives me a hard time, glares, rarely has a good thing to say about me, but she’s important to Livvy, so I’m still trying to the bridge the gaps with her. But Holly, Jessica and I are fine.
Kacey: Okay, since I can’t let you give too much away about your journey with Olivia, how about some fun and maybe some personal questions?
Dare: Anything for you, sweetheart.
He lifts my hand and kisses the back. Damn the man for being so drop-dead gorgeous!
Kacey: Okay, simple…Boxers or briefs?
Dare laughs, then says: Boxers for sure. Need the room.   He winks
Kacey: If you had to choose – Dodge Challenger or a Charger?
Dare: Challenger all the way.
Kacey: What is Olivia’s favourite flower?
Dare: Orchids. Hard to find but I try to get her some as often as possible.
Kacey: Horror movies or dramas?
Dare: Old Westerns. Love John Wayne movies.
Kacey: Me too. I watch them as much as possible. Okay, hmmm I shouldn’t ask this.
Dare: You can ask me anything.
Kacey: Favourite position during sex?
Dare laughs.  But you already know this, sweetheart.
Kacey: Yes, but not all readers do yet. 
Dare: True. I like to be on the bottom. Nothing like watching the woman I love astride me, riding. To watch her face, the pleasure and passion in her eyes. Her long hair scattered around her, hmm, definitely what I prefer.
Kacey: Chocolate covered strawberries or whipped cream?
Dare: Both
Kacey: Sexy lingerie or tank top and shorts?
Dare: Neither.
Kacey: Last question…if you could change one thing about your relationship with Olivia, what would it be?
Dare: That I didn’t wait so long to act in my feelings. Things happen as they should, I know, but I wish we could have spent a lot more time in bed.
Kacey: Thank you for sitting down with me today, for readers to get to know you better.
Dare leans over and lays a soft peck on my lips.
Dare: My pleasure, sweetheart. My best to all your readers.

By Kacey Hammell
Contemporary Erotic Romance
Availableat Evernight Publishing

Legal secretary, Olivia Warner enjoys being single and, aside from her closest gal pals, usually keeps to herself. But the night of her thirty-fourth birthday, she and her friends spend a fun-filled evening at a local bar where her friends dare her to approach a man, and spend the night with him. Olivia’s not one to turn down a dare, especially from her old college pals. She only hopes the man in question is in for some good conversation, because that is all she’ll give him. 

Darren “Dare” Shalvis has given up on women. He’s tired of being chased for his money, good looks, and prowess in bed. He prefers to meet a woman who, for once, wants nothing more from him than mere conversation. If only the woman asking him to spend the night with her wasn’t his favorite legal secretary.

Accepting a dare has never been so tempting…

Excerpt © Kacey Hammell

Olivia burst out laughing without reservation. 
Dare had heard it a lot tonight and the evening couldn’t be going any better. 
Before taking separate cars from Countess, they’d agreed to meet back at her place for a late dinner. She had the job to pick up Chinese food while he had run his own errand.
When he’d walked her to her car and mentioned the need to stop at the drugstore, he saw her turn scarlet even in the dark. It was refreshing to find a woman who didn’t come on strong and found the slightest flirtation blush-worthy. He didn’t know many women like her.
The urge to kiss her nearly choked him. Yet before he could act, she’d whispered goodbye and hidden in her car. But the night was still young and he planned to take full advantage of the fact.
Once settled at her place, they instantly dived into their food.
He watched her smile between bites, and fought the impulse to take her lips with his. Olivia didn’t have Angie Jolie lips but they were still lush and fuller—cherry red and wet—than most women’s. 
As she pushed more food into her mouth, her lips wrapped around her fork—she’d given up trying to master chopsticks, which they’d both found hilarious—Dare imagined her mouth around his cock as she sucked him deep over and over again.
“You know, chopsticks are dangerous.” Olivia’s voice brought him from his musings.
“Dangerous? I’m not sure about that, but if you say so.”
After he watched her struggle with them for fifteen minutes, Dare agreed to some extent. She was very different from other women he knew. Some never relaxed enough to laugh at themselves the way she did. Most were self-conscious and obnoxious.
But the more Olivia tried, the worse her coordination became and the more they cackled about it. Dare couldn’t recall a time when he’d had such a great time with a woman. Olivia was easy to be around. He also hadn’t felt so laid-back in ages. Most dates were full of tension and what-ifs. But with her, perhaps their honesty and knowing what the night held put them both at ease.
Dare knew she was a bit nervous, but the underlying sexual tension was electric. There was still a calm atmosphere as minutes ticked by. He was happy with that but wished he’d taken the initiative before now and asked her out. He really enjoyed her company.
“Yes, dangerous. Twice now, I’ve nearly poked my eye out with those things.”
He held up his own chopsticks, having mastered the craft years ago. He eyeballed the unintimidating weapon and then scrutinized her, brows raised. She looked serious. He had to hold in a laugh. “Perhaps you’re not feeling them.”
She frowned. “Feeling them? They’re in my hand, Dare, how can I not be feel them?” 
Pleased she now used his nickname—it had never sounded so sweet—he shook his head. “No I mean, feel them. Hold them gentle, yet firm. Let your fingers slide against them like a caress.” 
He lifted his hand higher, slid his fingers gently, and moved the chopsticks with grace and ease.
Dare watched her gaze darken as it followed his movements, and her cheeks flushed. He never thought showing a woman how to use chopsticks would be arousing, but desire was clear in her gaze.
She couldn’t have any idea just how hot she looked when turned on. His cock thickened. His pants grew uncomfortable and tightened over his burgeoning erection.
Shifting on the couch, he set the box of chow mein and his sticks on the coffee table, and leaned toward her.
“Olivia,” he whispered.
She stared into his eyes. The deep green of hers deepened, and her breath quickened. “Yes?”
He took the box of chicken fried rice from her hand, set it on the table, his gaze never leaving hers. He cupped her cheek, drew her closer to him, their lips an inch apart. “Do you know how many times, how long, I’ve wanted to kiss you?”

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