Say Yes (Naughty Sleepover series)
by Regina Carlysle

Release Date: 10/09/12
Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Pages: 27
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Format ISBN Price
Author Page: Regina Carlysle

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MR Review
Reviewer: Sabine
Review:Say Yes by Regina Carlysle is an installment in the Naughty Sleepover series published by Decadent Publishing and the more I read from this particular publisher, the more I want to read. The books are seriously hot and sexy, well written and they sure have lots to choose from!
The Naughty Sleepover series is a series of short stories that feature at their heart the Menger Hotel and the handsome bartender Luke and his famous chocolate wine. The main characters meet and the attraction between them is almost instantaneous and scorchingly hot.
It is the same for sexy and oh so handsome rancher J.D Stone and freelance photographer Melissa Bell. She sees him at the rodeo and because he bears a striking resemblance to her long dead fiancé she takes his photo. They meet up again in the bar of the Menger Hotel and after a pleasant evening out things turn into a hot and steamy encounter.
I loved this story because both characters were looking for something and weren’t really sure what that was until they met each other. Can they get through the night of spicy lovemaking and have a future together or will Melissa’s job end the relationship before it even starts? How will J.D cope when he finds out he looks like her dead fiancé?  Both characters obviously have things to work out and it is good to read about emotionally invested one night stands that have the chance to turn into something more. It isn’t all about the hot and sweaty sex, it is also about the emotional connection the characters make and J.D and Melissa certainly connect.
This was a short story but it packs a whole lot of punch into the pages, giving the reader a believable story line, great characterization and, of course, the sexy lovemaking. Grab a copy to see if J.D and Melissa make it. Go on and visit the Menger and meet Luke and taste that chocolate wine, I know I want to again!

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