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by Jackie Chanel


For some, music is an escape from the every day norm.

For Aiden, it’s his life’s blood.

Already a star in his own mind & with the help of an unlikely partner, Aiden’s escape from a life less ordinary begins with the blues and a guitar. Only he can determine where it ends.


Halfway through his set, the announcement that I’d been impatiently waiting for came over the PA system.

It’s that time…what we call a blues jam!  I know there’s someone out there who wants to jam with us! Come to the stage, plug in, grab some sticks and let’s jam!

I rushed the stage like a thirteen year old girl at a New Kids on the Block concert.  Paulie was right behind me.

I picked the amp closest to Joey Clausen and plugged in Dee-Dee.  I played a few cords to check that she was tuned properly.  She sounded perfect.

The bass player, a smooth looking older black man, looked me up and down and started to snicker.

“You sure you want to do this, kid?” he asked.

“Hell yeah,” I muttered, slightly offended by his snicker.

“This is a blues jam session,” he added as if I didn’t know.  “This ain’t no Guns N Roses concert.”

“I wouldn’t be up here if it was,” I replied shortly.

“White boy thinks he can play the blues, huh,” he gaffed.  “You must think you’re Stevie Ray or something.”

I shrugged my shoulders.  “You must think that.”

I took a few steps away from the dude.  Now I was nervous.  I know how I look to the all black band.  After all, I am just a white boy in a Hendrix t-shirt, cargo shorts, and Nikes with no socks holding a guitar.  There aren’t many of us who play the blues.  Looks can be deceiving, because I can play.

I don’t care that I look different from other Blues players.  Who says that all Blues players have to be black and from the South?  However, the bass 

When I looked at Sunny, she wasn’t sitting anymore.  She was actually kneeling with one hand over her heart and the other wrapped around her waist.  She was smiling and crying as I sang.

The energy in the room was electric and intense as the final notes reverberated out of the amplifier.  I took in Sunny’s reaction as she crawled closer to me until she was in between my legs and looking up at me.  She took my guitar out of my hands and sat it on the floor.

“That was beautiful,” she whispered.  “Thank you.”

I grinned at her, overcome with an unfamiliar feeling…a feeling I never had around Sunny.  I feeling that I’ve never felt…ever.  Before I could say anything, Sunny was sitting on my lap, staring into my eyes with such a warm and inviting look that I couldn’t stop myself from leaning in and kissing her.

She inhaled sharply at the touch of my lips against hers, and then kinda melted into the kiss.  For what seemed like an eternity I was lost in Sunny’s eyes and relaxed by the soft touch of her hand rubbing against my thigh while the other tangled itself in my hair.

I pulled her closer, allowing my hands to glide along her smooth back.  Her mouth…her lips…her tongue taste faintly like toothpaste and alcohol.  She smelled like a bed of roses.  The urge to continue to explore her mouth and her body was the only thing dominating my thoughts.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Jackie Chanel is a contemporary romance author and self proclaimed badass.  Her writing career began in high school when she began writing short romance stories about her celebrity crushes.  Her very first novel was penned while she was a high school senior in Youngstown, Ohio.  She insists that no one will ever read it.

Jackie studied at Georgia State University and currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia.  When she’s not writing or daydreaming, she can often be found drooling over the latest Chanel shoes or reading on her Kindle with a cup of coffee in hand and a little Mayer or Hendrix in the background.

Her characters are a reflection of the people she has encountered along her writing journey and her books are often inspired by her favorite thing, music.

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