It’s a new look and new dirt to dish. Check here daily to find out what’s Under My Hat. Thanks to the gorgeous and talented Nicole Austin for the new look. She is a true goddess.
So what will you find Under My Hat?
Today you’ll find out…..I’m an App!!!
That’s right, I’m a real live App. Go to the Apple store or Android Apps and there I’ll be, Desiree Holt, in all my App glory.
Check out my books and buy them with one quick click.
Get notified of new releases and personal appearances, special parties and special giveaways.
Check out all my book covers plus photos of my and my hot friends.
Find all my links in one place.
And each month I’ll be running a contest for those who download the App.
So come on. Put me on your phone, your tablet, your Kindle, your Nook, whatever. It’s time to get hooked up with Desiree so you can keep up with what’s Under My Hat.